Illuminare Foundation

Mineral makeup company Illuminare declares that it’s Illuminare foundation is the very first liquid mineral foundation on the market. While mineral foundations have been around for quite some time, rising to popularity in the past couple decades, it is true that many have been developed in a powder form. The Illuminare foundation takes the same philosophy of the typical mineral powder and transforms it into liquid form. The question is: Does it hold up to the beloved powder formulation we’ve grown to love?


The Illuminare foundation is a moisturizing liquid foundation that provides numerous skin benefits and is packed with a healthy dose of SPF  20 UVA/UVB. Touted as the ultimate multi-use product, the Illuminare foundation is available in three unique formulas to work as your sunscreen, foundation and concealer. The Illuminare foundation mineral formulas are available in a variety of finishes from dewy, semi matte, to matte and are all cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, and vegan. Each Illuminare foundation formula is also 100% oil free and contains .5 oz of product.

As far as the formulation, you’ll find that the Illuminare foundation does indeed follow the same standard mineral foundation. And between each formula, all of the Illuminare foundation ingredients are strikingly similar.  Each mineral formula contains your typical blend of active and inactive ingredients. With a generous 7% Titanium Dioxide and 2-4% Zinc Oxide ratio, these Illuminare foundation ingredients provide liberal SPF benefits. Other key Illuminare foundation ingredients include C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate which acts as a antimicrobial skin conditioning agent and Panthenol which is a form of Vitamin B5 that helps deliver the hydrating properties of the Moisturizing Fantastic Finish Illuminare Foundation. Where the Concealing Extra Coverage Illuminare Foundation and the Mattifying Ultimate All Day Illuminare Foundation differ, is instead of hydrating ingredients, these formulas opt for skin conditioning ingredients instead.


The first of the Illuminare foundations is the Moisturizing Fantastic Finish foundation. This mineral formula is best for those with dry skin as it provides a ton of moisture and helps soothe chronically dry skin. It works by locking in moisture and hydrating the surface of the skin. Naturally, due to it’s moisturizing properties the Moisturizing Fantastic Finish Illuminare foundation has a dewy finish, so if you’re concerned about oiliness, blotting, or having to touch up throughout the day, you may want to opt for one of the other mineral formulas. The Moisturizing Fantastic Finish Illuminare foundation is the lightest of all the mineral formulas, providing light to medium build-able coverage. The ending result is a soft and radiant finish.


The multi-tasking Concealing Extra Coverage Illuminare Foundation formula is the product that can be used interchangeably as either a foundation or concealer. This mineral formula is perfect for people short on time and energy. The most impressive properties of the Concealing Extra Coverage Illuminare Foundation formula are that it works to conceal redness and hyper pigmentation, while also actively reducing the appearance of dark circles and acne.

The Concealing Extra Coverage Illuminare Foundation has a semi matte finish that can be used in combination with it’s lighter weight and coverage sister product, the Moisturizing Fantastic Finish.


People with oily skin will be most pleased with this oil absorbing mattifying Illuminare foundation mineral formula. This particular Illuminare foundation has been formulated to be highly water resistant with all day, long lasting wear. The heaviest of all three Illuminare Foundation options, this formula provides generously medium coverage that improves skin tone and conceals blemishes. Because the Mattifying Ultimate All Day Illuminare Foundation works wonderfully at absorbing oil, there is no need for additional powder, blotting, or touching up throughout your day. Note, this particular Illuminare Foundation is most suitable for those with oily skin but, if you prefer a matte finish and have normal to dry skin it is essential that you properly moisturize before use.


Where the Illuminare Foundation makes up for being a multi-tasking product with countless skin benefits, it lacks in the shade department. The Illuminare foundation colors are limited to a small five shade range with it’s darkest shade being a medium tan color. The Illuminare foundation colors include: Almalfi Alabaster – a milky color best suited for those with very pale skin, Portofino Porcelain – an ivory beige color with a neutral undertones, Florentine Fair – the most popular shade of the Illuminare foundation, best for medium skin with yellow undertones, Sienna Sun – created for those with a light tan or olive complexion, and Tuscan Toast – the darkest shade in the Illuminare foundation range suited for those with dark olive, very tan skin.

That being said, many who have tried the Illuminare Foundation are pleased with the results. Typical Illuminare Foundation reviews show that it’s suitable for all skin types, has a pleasant lightweight coverage, and almost all Illuminare foundation reviews claim that a little goes a long way which is a definite bonus. The only less than favorable Illuminare foundation review is the basic packaging. From the introductory sample pack to the full product, it is considered less than luxurious. However, if your concern is quality over luxury than this shouldn’t be a problem for you.


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