Ilia Beauty

As long as the rest of world continues to trend every day in the direction of a more organic and green lifestyle, makeup companies will continue to follow. Green beauty is about creating makeup that enhances your natural beauty while sustaining your health and relatively new makeup brand ILIA Beauty, believes in that philosophy 100%.

The Story Behind ILIA Beauty

The Canadian beauty brand ILIA Beauty was founded just a few short years ago in Vancouver. Like most green beauty brands, ILIA Beauty was created out of the need to replace some of the most harmful chemicals found in most makeup products with more natural botanicals and organic ingredients. For ILIA Beauty, that moment came when its founder, Sasha Plavsic attempted to decipher this ingredient list on the back of lipstick. After that moment, ILIA Beauty went on to launch its premiere collection of just six tinted lip conditioners in 2011 and grew that into a full service organic beauty brand that has over 40 products and is available in 15 countries.

The way that ILIA Beauty differs from other green beauty brands is in its wholehearted dedication to sustainable makeup products without sacrificing style or trends. Each and every ILIA Beauty product is formulated with certified organic ingredients that nourish the skin. The ILIA Beauty lip products are also housed in a recycle aluminum further embodying their stance on sustainable living. Inside each of its green products, ILIA Beauty infuses the latest pigment shades to stay on trend while being sustainable.

Popular ILIA Beauty Products

With ILIA Beauty starting its brand with six tinted lip conditioners, its no surprise that to date, their lip products are their most stand out items. The ILIA Beauty lipstick, for example, is one of the most popular organic lipstick products on the market. Currently, there are 12 shades of ILIA Beauty lipstick available with shades of pink, nude, red, and deep plum and berry. Each ILIA Beauty lipstick is designed to deliver supreme color with a creamy semi-matte finish. The organic formulation of the ILIA Beauty lipstick consists of a healthy blend of oils, botanicals, and extracts including castor oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, rose hip oil, and sage leaf extract.

You cant talk about the most popular ILIA Beauty without including their premiere tinted lip conditioners, even if theyve been slightly overshadowed by the ILIA Beauty lipstick. The ILIA Beauty lip conditioners were designed to nourish and condition the lips. Using the organic ingredients that ILIA Beauty is known for, the lip conditioners contain a subtle wash of color that can be built up in opacity. You can even mix different shades of the ILIA Beauty lip conditioners to create your own unique color. Currently, there are 13 ILIA Beauty lip conditioners available with a mix of permanent and limited edition versions. Like the ILIA Beauty lipstick, the lip conditioners are available in an array of shades including pinks, reds, nudes, and berries.

Another popular ILIA Beauty product is the ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation. When it comes to organic foundations, most brands start with a standard loose powder foundation but ILIA Beauty broke the mold with its new whipped cream foundation. The ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation is an innovative foundation designed to calm and rejuvenate the skin. The ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation is formulated with a number of skin soothing ingredients including Aloe Vera, Green Tea, and Rosemary Extract, all working to nourish, tighten, and protect skin from free radicals. In addition to these soothing ingredients, the ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation also contains a newly discovered ingredient from the Greek islands that helps reduced the size of pores, combat shine, and prevent bacteria. The ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation is currently available in six shades starting with Tularosa, a light beige with pink undertones, and ending with Sandar a dark brown with neutral undertones. The ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation delivers full coverage and is suitable for all skin types.


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