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Hydroxatone is a skin care range developed by Atlantic Coast Media Group in 2005 by Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shiple. They have 50,000+ likes on Facebook which is impressive for a smaller skin care range. They must be doing something right!. Their products available mostly exclusive through the Hydroxatone website, Skinstore and various other online stores. They also have a blog with a handful of useful articles. Their range primarily contains anti aging products but they also have make up products and recently featured a microsonic brush on their website.  The Company seems to pride themselves on providing high level of customer service. They list a toll free number on their website and provide a 30 day money back guarantee. For the purposes of this review, we trialled the Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reduce and Hydroxatone AM PM. Our products arrived to our door in a timely manner and had appropriate packaging and literature. The key ingredients in the product are Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, and Hyaluronic Acid. The products were hydrating and my skin looked good immediatly afterwards. The 90 second wrinkle reducer provided my skin with some immediate tightening but this subsided within a 15 minutes. Noenthless, my skin looked more youthful for that short period. Overall, the formulas did not contain any breakthrough or revolutionary ingredients. The concentration of ingredients used were higher than the same or identical ingredients used by other cosmetic companies. I.e. Matrixyl is an ingredient manufactored by Sederma and used by countless cosmetic companies, however, in the products we reviewed the contained Matrixyl, all products reviewed so far had a lower concentration of Matrixyl then Hydroxatone. This is usually because it is cost prohibitive but with Hydroxatone you get good value for money.
Is Hydroxatone a scam? What is the class action all about? Whilst our impression of Hydroxatone products is pretty standard, consumers noted they were displeased with Hydroxatone  replenishment procedures. The company was involved in a class action several years ago that resulted in a multi million dollar settlement. What is this all about? The plaintiffs claimed they were not sufficiently made aware of the terms of purchase regarding being automatically charged for products. When dealing with Hydroxatone, we recommend reading the conditions carefully. This will give you more peace of mind about not being charged and you can easily order additional products as you need them.




Comprehensive product range.


Little innovation



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  1. Selena

    I had to buy both products from ebay as I tried to get the trial Hydroxatone and Bellaplex and they would not except the payment with the same card I always use for internet shopping, I had all the funds there. I think they are trying to charge the whole amount and not the $5 like they say.

  2. Kerry

    The 90 second wrinkle reducer works great until you try to apply your makeup on after; the initial effects are gone so what is the point? Would someone advise me on what I’m doing wrong

  3. Alisha

    I read a few hydroxatone reviews and started using the hydroxatone face cream. It was really nice. I was very fat earlier. I controlled my diet and became thin in just a few months. As a result of this, I got a lot of stretch marks on my arms. My friend told me about Hydroxatone stretch mark cream. I immediately checked at the nearest drugstore and bought celtrixa by hydroxatone. I have used it for a month but as of now I can’t see any significant changes.

  4. Courtney

    I read hydroxatone reviews after my skin care expert told me about it. I read many hydroxatone consumer reviews and found that many women were using it. I bought the Hydroxatone instant wrinkle filler for my mom and the Hydroxatone hydrolyze for me. I had many dark circles under my eyes, which had developed due to working late nights for my new project. After using hydrolyze for a month, I could see noticeable changes and no longer had to use a concealer to hide them. The under eye area had started brightening.

  5. Pam

    I started using hydroxate products about three months ago and LOVE their products !! I to ordered the free trials and read the fine print After I ordered!! I immediately called customer service and explained I didn’t want to be charged every month and wanted to pick out my own products …. Not have the company send me what they want . Customer service was great and suggested a few products to get started …. I spent around 120 dollars the first time ,also knowing I wouldn’t be charged on my credit card ! Iam from Canada so I do have to pay extra charges ( duty ) at the post office…. But ordering from customer service Is way cheaper from ordering on line ….they also can give you great deals!!!! Overall I love the products!!! I wish I could buy them in Canada !!!

  6. Blanka

    My aunt is only 40 and she has so many wrinkles on her skin. She has been trying every product that comes her way. She has tried so many anti ageing creams. Some products showed a slight improvement while others did not. She has lost patience and can’t wait to see the results. Recently she also got her menopause and her skin started getting pigmentation. This upset her even more. She was very depressed. She read Hydroxatone Reviews and thought of trying the same. After reading the Hydroxatone consumer review and Hydroxatone instant wrinkle filler complaints reviews, she decided to avail of the trial offer.

  7. Taylor

    Anybody try Hydroxatone anti-aging bb cream? Do you know where I can get a free samples of this? I am 54 years old and tried the other bb creams but they aren’t designed for aging skin.

    • You can order bb cream trials as well as a long list of other high end beauty products. My recommendation is calling customer service through the company. For some reason customer service has deals you can not find through their sales team or their online website. 1-800-672-2259. Early morning hours eastern standard time is a great time to reach the company with little to no hold times.

  8. Natalie Ste. Croic

    Well i will admit when i received my package in the mail and i paid 28.00 postage and taxs for both products , i was upset..So i called in and cancelled the auto ship.Not only did they do this for me without a problem or second thought, they told me to keep the products fee of charge that was over 500.00 dollars worth of product for free..so i called in again today and ordered more products and then read reviews and i got scared and called back to cancel once again and they reimbursed my credit card while on the phone with me…So i say can this company be as all bad as people put them out to be?? i don’t think so..i am going to give them a real far chance and try the product with confidence , i like the product so far and swear i see a difference all ready ,i love the instant wrinkle filler , it worked for me very well, i am am thinking i will definitely be ordering from them in the next 2 weeks for the entire line ..give them a far chance and don’t listen to other critics , be your own judge. i am going to do the same…thank you Hydroxatone for the grat service you gave me on the phone..
    Natalie Ste. Croix

  9. Patty

    I also noticed that Hydroxatone had nothing more than sunscreen ingredients. You need to return your product in 14 days or they will charge you the full amount and automatically send our product you every month. I have been told that you can buy other products from Ulta. They do not have the trial but they wont keep billing your card.

    • Unfortunately patty you can’t be more wrong. I have done these trials with three different products. The way the trial works is you get a 30 day free trial, your trial doesn’t start until you receive the products once you receive the products you have 30 days to decide whether or not you want to stay with the system. If you decide you do not want to stay with the system all you have to do is call customer service and request a return information and you’re given another 2 to 3 weeks to return the products. They are you when is considerate as sending you a shipping label to return the product so you don’t have to incur any shipping costs. You can buy the products in the stores like Macy’s Ulta and Sephora’s, but there are discounts that customer service and the company can offer you say you can’t find anywhere else online or in the stores. The terms and conditions are explained to you when you order it and then when you receive the package you also receive the terms and conditions on a statement that comes in your package.

  10. Joanne

    I’ve recently purchased hydroxatone products in both Ulta and Kohls. So far it’s the best anti wrinkle line I’ve used. I ordered the free trial years ago & had issues with them billing me when I didn’t order resulting in my checking account being overdrawn. That was annoying. However I truly liked the products so I was extremely happy when I saw the blue jars on the shelves in ulta.

  11. Cynthia

    I purchased the 30-days trial offer last Dec. 4 but the package only arrived on January 2. I called them right away but they maintained that they sent it out on December 5. I asked the representative to check the USPS tracking number but then she hang up on me. Today is Jan 3 and for fear that they would charge me that exorbitant amount of $75.19 twice, I called them up with no positive result. I then called up American Express and told them my problem. Thank God for American Express! They said that they have a legal recourse for valid cases like mine and they will not allow the charge to get through. I shall return (by mail) the same contents, untouched, on Monday ASAP!

    This experience makes one weary and wary of free-trial offers!

  12. Anonymous

    Models have used Preporation H, for years…yes, same stuff used for hemmeroids…and suspect
    same thing they use in this cream…save your self the money, pre. H does the same think for a fraction the price. Just don’t get it in your eyes..

  13. M.Nikolias

    Hello all of you who fell for the $1.99 free trial like i did. Yes they sent me two jars of am/pm cream plus the toner & 30 sachets of that wrinkle puller (that’s what i call those sachets of soft cream). But they are actually a wrinkle temporary smoother. Shock horror when i saw my statement that my bill would be for $141.89 on top of $1.99. I thought i must have misunderstood the offer. So i rang customer service i told him i wanted to try the product before buying or commiting myself to buy on a monthly basis. The guy was helpful and he offered to just charge me $69.95 and that would be the end of it until i decided to order again. I agreed because if i sent the products back, the postage would have cost me $50.00 anyway. Besides i really wanted to try this Hydroxatone. He gave me a Confirmation number & cancelled the monthly shipment which we did not know about. So i started trying the cream & i was quite pleased with it. I could feel my skin is smoother & tighter. And no, we do not apply it on our eye lids without care or you get that burning sensation.

  14. Donna Miller

    I just received my $1.99 trial offer of am/pm wrinkle complex and haven’t even used it yet. Thought I’d check out the reviews first since I’m very leary about his effectiveness. I should have done this first I know! It’s only active ingredients are for the purpose of providing sunscreen! Where’s the anti-aging ingredients? I think I’ve been had especially after reading these reviews. Has anyone tried the toner? I got that too along with the 90 sec wrinkle reducer as a bonus. I think I’m going to send the 2 am/pm’s back right away tomorrow and call to cancel without even trying them! They better not
    screw me on my credit card either or I’ll check into that class action suit for sure!

    • First of all the lawsuit was for people who said the company didn’t represent the trial correctly. Second of all you wouldn’t be eligible for that, and third there are three active ingredients in the ampm cream, one of them being broad spectrum SPF 15 and two other anti aging products that are found in other health and beauty products and anti-aging creams. Although Hydroxatone contains a higher concentration of the Matryxyl 3000 which provides quicker and faster anti aging results. I run blogs and do my own studies on several different creams to several different companies and hydroxatone hands down has a better treatment program.another reason there is broad spectrum SPF 15 in the Hydroxatone anti-wrinkle complex AM PM cream is because 70 to 80 percent of wrinkles and fine lines are caused by the sun’s harmful rays. Although their 30 day trials are the most expensive way to do the system reason being is that you get a lot of people ordering the products and only paying the shipping and keeping the products. There are several discount the company offers customers just by calling customer service you get deep discount a minimum price is that you cannot find anywhere whether it be online or through sales. I have several people who order Hydroxatone wholesale can sell these products and their own stores. I personally by a year supply of Hydroxatone AM PM cream every 14 months a year supply last me longer than its intended so I get more for my money. At this point in time I actually only pay $276 Dollars for 10 jars plus they send you 6 free gifts in 241 Hydroxatone beauty Dollars. you need to do more research is it make sure you knew represent yourself correctly cuz the information you are staying there is absolutely 100% wrong

  15. Zeena

    I love all hydroxatone products.
    I actually first receive the hydroxatone free trial offer and since used a few products.
    I am a big fan of hydroxatone instant effect instant wrinkle filler.

  16. Hydroxatone Reviews

    I have been using Hydroxatone for more than a month now, and I have not seen any changes in my skin. I usually purchase products from my drugstore but decided to give this a go after reading another Hydroxatone review praising the product. I will stop using Hydroxatone when I finish this product and will not be back for more.

    • if you read reviews praising the product why would you cancel the system and not come back for more. You figure if you read product review praising it wouldn’t that make you want to use more now if you’re cancelling because you don’t like the products that would make sense but canceling because you write a good review is incredibly ambiguous.

  17. Antonia

    I have the worst experience ever with Hydroxatone. My first order(that supposed to be a gift for my mom) did not arrived. Customer service is bad because they cannot even explain why they charge you for some products that never come to you or products you did not ordered ,why they keep charging you the sheeping for “sheeping free” products or even why they charge you after you cancel your account. I would say Hydroxaton is a headacke and stress for your credit card.

    • well unfortunately first of all Hydroxatone doesn’t offer free shipping on the 30 day risk free trials. Second of all if you didn’t receive your products all you had to do was call customer service and ask them to reshape the products for you I had the same problem and I did not receive my products as well. Ship to the products for me without charging me any extra shipping and handling you ordered a gift for your mom but you order the trial. You didn’t read the Terms and Conditions you thought it was free it wasn’t free it was risk free for 30 days you thought all you had to pay was the shipping and handling and that was it if you keep the products past the 30 days you are billed 31 days after you receive your products in 61 days after you receive your products if you keep the products past the 30 days you are responsible for the payments if you call and cancel after 30 days you can cancel the system but you cannot cancel payments.

  18. rebecca

    I was going to buy, but became hesitant when they said it comes from new jersey…..
    If I don’t like it I don’t have to send it back… is that true…. does it really work as well as they say.

  19. Sydney

    I have been buying the Hydroxatone wrinkle cream from Ulta.
    I did not know they had all these negative reviews online.
    I think I am going to move to another skin care range now.

  20. Anonymous

    As a male, it is difficult for me to walk into a store and buy a product. So I searched for wrinkle creams online and took advantage of the Hydroxatone free trial. It seems like it is not a free at all as they keep billing my credit card and sending more and more and more product. I have now cancelled and will be recommending this to nobody.

  21. Kim Hiddink

    I was an idiot. When I was completing an on-line survey for my Rexall store, up popped an offer for Hydroxtone for $1.99. I thought this was a trial sized offer to try it. I ordered it. A couple of weeks later a delivery was at my post office with a charge of $28.95 (cost to ship because I live in Canada). When I opened the parcel it outlined that I had committed to two additional charges to my credit card. I contacted them right away. I was told that I was committed to paying that amount (a total of nearly $140.00), and nothing could be done about it. I cancelled right away. I’m not happy. I’ve never ordered anything on-line before and I certainly won’t ever again. I feel like I was suckered and I feel so stupid.

  22. Burnsmyeyes!

    Am I the only person where it burns the ever loving CRAP out of my eyes? I quit putting it on in the morning because I thought that sweat or whatever throughout the day caused it to run into my eyes, uh, well it did the same at night. I mean, it burns bad. Ok, so I DO put it all over my face and neck, should I not put it around my eyes?! I am 33, I notice no difference in my skin or wrinkles either (smoker for 15 years)

  23. Aubrey

    Hydroxatone wrinkle cream is okay when you apply it as it minimizes lines and wrinkles immediately but it offers no real long term benefits.

  24. April

    I took advantage of hydroxatone am/pm anti-wrinkle complex trial but neglected to cancel befoe the trial and got charged an insane amount. They also keep charging and sending out products without your clear permission. Type in “hydroxatone reviews” in google and you will see the class actions against these guys. I am wondering if I should join in or whether they will just give me my money back.

  25. Jenny

    I have tried many sample products and I only liked Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream. I give this product a 6 out of 10.
    I did not like the other products –
    Hydroxatone Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Complex for Day & Night. 4 out of 10.
    Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer. 4 out of 10.
    Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion. 4 out of 10.
    Hydroxatone Liftalyze Eye Lifting Serum. 3 out of 10.
    Hydroxatone Intensive Youth Serum. 4 out of 10.
    Hydroxatone Deep Wrinkle Concentrate. 5 out of 10 .

  26. Patty

    I not not realize Ulta stocks Hydroxatone Wrinkle Cream as I also prefer buying products in stores and always feel uncoffortable buying stuff online. I am going to cancel my membership and just drive to Ulta at my mall when I run out of Hydroxatone Wrinkle Cream and I should save a few hundred per year.

  27. Kate

    I can’t stand reviews with too much hype so I need to write something. I began using Hydroxatone products twelve months ago after seeing the free trial. I thought I was getting the products for free but I didn’t read the fine print. I went back to them and they were very clear. Apart from my complaint about the free trial, Hydroxatone creams are great, especially the am pf, instant effects and wrinkle filler. I can now buy my products from Ulta which I am more comfortable. It is not that Hydroxatone is a scam, I just don’t like buying stuff online.

  28. Deborah

    I am writing thie Hydroxatone Review after taking advantage of their free trial. No Hydroxatone is not a scam but you need to return the products you ordered before the trial runs out or they will bill you. I’m sad to read that other people experienced bad results from Hydroxatone, as it SAVED my skin. You just need to look at the ingredients for the intent effect night cream to know that Hydroxatone works. I have used Hydroxatone product for several month now and this is the most I cannot live without cream have ever purchased and I like the way my skin looks. I had all kinds of wrinkles on my face and Hydroxatone almost completely got rid of all of them. Only time will tell if it makes a difference for you but you certainly need to allow enough time for the product to work

  29. April

    Hydroxatone instant wrinkle filler is good before you go out. It isnt skin care. It is make up. It actually just pulls the skin back life a facelift. AM/PM Anti-Wrinkle Complex is for long term results. Not sure how effective it is though. Advanced Under Eye Formula is quite hydrating. Instant Wrinkle Filler helps accentuate the results. overall, Hydroxatone makes good products but offer more short term results.

  30. Peter

    The first time I used Hydroxatone, I thought it was really good. It seemed to immediatly tighten lines and wrinkles. It lasted a few hours but you have to contine reappllyi ng every few hours or the wrinkles come back. This is just a bandage solutions. Hydroxatone seems to be stronger than other products. I’m happy with Hydroxatone. I hope you find this Hydroxatone review helpful.

  31. Cynthia

    I am 64 and was given a free tiral Hydroxatone cream to apply to my wrinkes on my face. After the trial I decided to buy a whole kit. Hydroxatone didnt do any miracles because my wrinkles are still showing but I found it has improved my skin overall. I have read many interesting reviews on Hydroxatone but I think their products are great. I am looking for a mineral make up which moisturizers as well but I have not been able to find one anywhere. Does anybody know which stores in Austin sell Hydroxatone products? I am asking because I prefer to buy things in store rather then online – I have heard many discouraging stories.

  32. Jane

    A friend of mine, knowing that I use cheaper skin care products, gave me a sample of the anti aging cream Hydroxatone. I came online to try the free trial but read some reviews about Hydroxatone being a scam but it looks legit to me. I just bought Hydroxatone and I will let you know if it works. The cream should last for 3 months and about that time before I see a result.

  33. Wesley

    I was wondering if anybody has taken advantage of the Hydroxatone free trial for their wrinkle products? I am thinking about taking advantage of their offers and if it works keep it but if it does nothing for my skin send it back and get my money back. I have not heard about Hydroxatone before so I want to make sure it is not a scam and that Hydroxatone really works.

  34. Nicole

    There are many many reviews about Hydroxatone being a scam but I think this is because they sell a lot of products online. I have been using Hydroxatone for 4 years and they have the best anti aging skin care products. Forget about luxury cosmetics they are not strong enough to stop wrinkles. Since Hydroxatone have been around for so long I think you wont have any troubles with them.

  35. Denise

    I have no complaints about Hydroxatone and I am writing this review on Hydroxatone because I have seen heaps of reviews about how Hydroxatone is a scam but this isnt entirely true since I have been using their products for 4 years and they deliver on time each time. Hydroxatone cream helps tighten the skin on application and tighten over time as well. Same with the eye cream.

  36. Zeena

    Hydroxatone products are not bad. I have been using them for a few years and happy to keep using them because they keep my skin moist and line free.

  37. Kit

    Hydroxatone creams (I think its called Instant wrinkle reducer) is very powerful at smoothing out those wrinkles around the eyes. It is one of the more powerful brands I have used. Customer service can be improved though as I have had a poor response time and read some bad reviews online. Products good. Customer Service poor.

  38. Brody

    Hydroxatone Reviews are just a complete waste of time and money so are their products. Go with a more reliable skin care company that doesnt charge for something that just doesnt work instead of Hydroxatone. I’m not even sure why you guys write a review on Hydroxatone when their products are dissapointing to say the least.

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