Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Review

There are days when life calls for a full face of foundation. And then there are days where there a million and one things you’d rather do than put on foundation period. For those days, a tinted moisturizer like the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint will be your best friend. Providing you with just enough coverage to get through the day, and lightweight to the point where you feel like you have nothing on, reaching for your Jouer Matte Moisture tint might be a part of your daily routine before you know it.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Everyone knows the foundation of a good makeup application starts before you apply your base. In order to get a perfectly flawless makeup look, you need to start with a perfect canvas. Thats where primer comes in. Priming your face before applying your foundation has a number of benefits and is essential if you want to achieve makeup that will look its best. So where do you start when looking for the primer to transform your makeup habits? With the #1 US face primer brand of course. Smashbox and their iconic Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Cosmetics is the professional makeup and skincare brand straight out of Italy that is committed to creating innovative, high performing cosmetics without breaking the bank. The Kiko Cosmetic brands fuses superior quality with technicolor innovation that surpasses some of the most popular brands available. With its recent entry into the US market, Kiko Cosmetics is ready to take over the professional makeup and skincare markets.

Pacifica Makeup

When you think of Pacifica Makeup the first thing that comes to mind is natural boho chic cosmetics that make you feel as good as they make you look. A brand rooted in the belief that life is best lived when you do what you love, Pacifica Makeup seeks to transform the beauty world. With its all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free formulations, Pacifica Makeup is the makeup brand for women inspired by life, adventures, and the beauty found in the world.

Mineral Hygienics

Mineral Hygienics is one of the many all-natural cosmetic brands available on the market today. With a consumer base that is increasingly concerned with safer and more eco-conscious beauty products, Mineral Hygienics has been able to fill a true need in the industry. With a host of high performing beauty products that include everything from mascara to foundation, Mineral Hygienics provides quality makeup, created with just enough ingredients to meet your beauty needs.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

With a name like “Confidence in a Cream,” it’s almost impossible not to be intrigued. For IT Cosmetics, Confidence in a Cream is a transformative moisturizing cream that promises to turn even the most lackluster skin around. For those suffering from dry, dull skin, or those fighting to slow down the hands of time when it comes to the look and feel of the skin, this product might just might be the miracle in a jar you’ve been looking for.

Bite Beauty

When you hear the name Bite Beauty, you instantly think of makeup you can eat. But thats ridiculous. Right? Well, not for this Toronto-based cosmetic company that built an entire brand with multiple lipstick lines that are literally good enough to eat. Thats right. Bite Beauty is an innovative, edible lipstick line that has taken the organic beauty world to another level.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

The setting powder of all setting powders. Well, thats how lovers of the highly regarded luxury beauty brand By Terry feel about the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder. A setting powder with a steep price tag and a flawless finish, the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder is the setting powder to have.

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation

The Bare Minerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is the one and only multi-tasking Bare Minerals Liquid foundation. Created with the Bare Minerals philosophy in mind to create top quality, high performing mineral cosmetics, the Bare Minerals liquid foundation cultivates that mission in a silky smooth, serum foundation designed to cover and improve the appearance of your skin.

Becca Mineral Powder Foundation

Becca is the brand known for its stylish assortment of skin perfecting products. From their expertly crafted illuminators to their popular skin perfectors, Becca is a brand that understands what women are looking for in perfect skin. The Becca Mineral Powder Foundation is nothing new to the popular brand but it is one of the lines most gentle and beautiful foundation options. The Becca Mineral Powder Foundation is the skin perfecting option that anyone of any shade can use with success.

Cinema Secrets Foundation

To put it simply, Cinema Secrets Foundation is the makeup of the stars. The ultimate coverage Cinema Secrets Foundation was created to provide professional makeup artists with high-quality makeup that leaves their celebrity clientele looking flawless both on and off screen. Today, the Cinema Secrets Foundation has become one of the most preferred makeup products of makeup artists, celebrities, and even medical professionals.

Cle De Peau Foundation

When it comes to luxury beauty, Cle De Peau Beaute just gets it. A prestige brand that oozes excellence with a blend of technology, elegant design, exemplary service, Cle De Peau spares no expense when it comes to creating a luxurious beauty experience. With an expansive product line covering every aspect of cosmetics, the heart of the brand is the Cle De Peau Foundation. Available in four distinct formulations, the Cle De Peau foundation is the luxury product that rivals some of the most esteemed brands.

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation

When influential fashion designer Tom Ford decided to expand his fashion empire into beauty, he did so under the belief the first step to beauty is a flawless complexion. The creation of the high-end Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation aims to provide just that.

Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty is the cosmetics company that creates beauty products inspired by the world. This luxury makeup brands takes the popular phrase wanderlustand infuses it into the Wander Beauty makeup line. This fusion has enabled Wander Beauty to become the cosmetic industrys premiere makeup line inspired by travel. From the luxurious formulations to the rich and vibrant colors, Wander Beauty creates makeup based on the beauty of the world. And the authentic feel of Wander Beauty comes directly from its international supermodel cofounder, Lindsay Ellingson. With a career that has taken her across the globe, Lindsay was inspired to create a makeup line that reflected her experiences. After years of expertly crafting the most high quality and performing cosmetic formulations, Wander Beauty was born. Using her extensive knowledge, connections and calling on some of the most regarded makeup artists in the industry, Lindsay was able to create a truly innovative cosmetics company that solved womens beauty needs and spoke to their beauty desires.

Rainforest of the Sea – Tarte

The arrival of Spring/Summer 2016 came with a host of highly anticipated beauty releases and new collections. One of those collections that beauty enthusiasts and experts couldnt wait to get their hands on was Rainforest of the Sea, Tarte Cosmetics newest collection. The Rainforest of the Sea Tarte collection consists of a number of Rainforest of the Sea Tarte products with everything from eyeshadow to foundation, and everything in between. With the Rainforest of the Sea Tarte collection, youll also find a number of makeup tools and accessories to complete this coveted seasonal collection.

Illuminare Foundation

Mineral makeup company Illuminare declares that it’s Illuminare foundation is the very first liquid mineral foundation on the market. While mineral foundations have been around for quite some time, rising to popularity in the past couple decades, it is true that many have been developed in a powder form. The Illuminare foundation takes the same philosophy of the typical mineral powder and transforms it into liquid form. The question is: Does it hold up to the beloved powder formulation we’ve grown to love?

Pixi Correction Concentrate

One of the toughest skin issues to combat are dark under eye circles. Whether its genetics or simply lack of sleep, once dark circles appear under your eyes, it can be extremely difficult to fix. Where most people use a simple flesh toned concealer to remedy dark eyes, theres a better way. Using a pigmented concealer like the Pixi Correction Concentrate in a soft peach shade works to directly counteract purple or blue toned dark circles. This means the Pixi Correction Concentrate works not only to conceal but, to neutralize.

It CC Cream

When it comes to alphabet creams, CC creams are the nifty color correctors that generally provide a sheer wash of color with a few other skin benefits. The It CC Cream changes the game in numerous ways and seeks to replace not only your other CC cream, but every other facial product on your vanity as well.

Mally Beauty

When makeup artist Mally Roncal announced she would be releasing a cosmetics line, the beauty world went into a frenzy. Known for her makeup artistry throughout the industry and expert of all things beauty, a Mally Beauty line is the stuff of beauty enthusiasts dreams. From her work with celebrity clients like Beyonce and Celine Dion to her frequent appearances on some of the most popular mainstream shows like Oprah and the View, Mally Beauty was the natural next step in this renowned makeup artists budding career.

Milk Makeup

At the intersection of fashion, culture, and art, lies trendy and fashion forward company Milk. A  brand designed to inspire trends, showcase bright ideas, and create community amongst tastemakers, Milk has established another branch to its hip company, Milk Makeup. Milk Makeup is the cosmetics company that fuses eco-conscious and eco-chic together to create high performing, tech savvy makeup products designed for modern girls on the move.

Kylie Cosmetics

One of the breakthrough cosmetic brands in the digital age is Kylie Cosmetics. A brand that was launched by the youngest sister in the Kardashian/Jenner crew and became an instant phenomenon amongst the young influencer’s fan base. Kylie Cosmetics initially launched as a lipstick line that was born from the obsession with Kylie’s perfect Instagram famous pout. If you were on the beauty scene at that time, you know that the initial Kylie Cosmetics release sold out within minutes with excited fans ready for the next opportunity to order the popular lipsticks that would lead the Kylie Cosmetics empire. Today, Kylie Cosmetics has grown from a few standout products to a full-fledged cosmetics brand with a growing fan base and a solid place in the beauty industry.


Its no secret that in recent years there has been an explosion of mineral cosmetic companies to hit the market. Were living in the green age where the general trend is moving toward more sustainable and healthy beauty. That being said, not all mineral cosmetics are created with the same standard. Some are fine using a standard assortment of minerals while others are committed to the mineral philosophy through and through. Youngblood Cosmetics is a company of the latter.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

It seems after the explosions of BB creams and CC creams that the beauty world had a new focus. Creating makeup products that doubled as skincare was the new trend. So along with multitudes of alphabet creams, a new wave of foundations that aimed to employ the same philosophy into their products was created. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is one foundation that aims to benefit the skin providing ample coverage as well.

Chanel Foundation

There are few foundations that portray luxury as much as Chanel Foundation does. When the brand dedicated to providing ultra chic, luxury fashion creates a foundation, you know youre in for a treat. With six Chanel Foundations available to meet your skins every desire, this is the foundation to pick when in need of a luxurious treat.