Ofra Cosmetics

Today, when you hear the name Ofra Cosmetics you think of the internationally renowned beauty brand known for its high quality and professional grade makeup products. What you probably dont know is the longstanding history behind this regarded brand and how Ofra Cosmetics came to be what it is today. With a background that spans over 20 years, Ofra Cosmetics has worked tirelessly to make a name in one of the most competitive beauty industry spaces.


Popular Czech cosmetics brand Dermacol may not be one of the more familiar household names but, it is a brand that has been in the beauty industry for over 50 years. With a history in the film industry and beauty products that have been used by the stars, Dermacol is a brand that comes with a mighty reputation. Although Dermacol may have started in a small film studio in Prague, it has since grown to be an internationally recognized cosmetics company used by celebrity makeup artists and beauty professionals across the globe.


In a market full of cosmetic companies, when you come across a brand that is different from the pack, it’s refreshing. With quirky beauty brand The Balm, different is exactly what you get. A fast growing and easily fan favorite, the Balm is the home of a full-service cosmetics line that lives by the philosophy “beauty in five minutes”.

Bye Bye Foundation

Reading Bye Bye Foundation claims on the company website, it’s easy to think that this cosmetic is a miracle product. The manufacturer makes many claims about it, including how easily it can provide full coverage of blemishes and skin imperfections, and how it can actually heal the skin through a combination of potent moisturizers. Such claims about Bye Bye Foundation are quite stunning, and if true, would make this product a great addition to any skin care routine. However, some skin care experts point to potential flaws with this foundation from IT Cosmetics. Further, some Bye Bye Foundation reviews suggest that perhaps this product wasn’t as effective as the consumer hoped it would be, especially for the price. To better understand how this product works and what it can achieve, let’s take a closer look at Bye Bye Foundation and the manufacturer’s claims.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation sounds like the type of product dreams are made of. Could it be true? A foundation that is so undetectable people would believe you were born with naturally flawless skin? Well that’s what the brand claims of Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Aiming to blur the line between makeup and skin, the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is the medium to full coverage foundation that hopes to leaves people guessing.

Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir Review

One of the most common and difficult beauty issues to combat is the appearance of dark circles. We get them for a number of reasons from genetics, to lack of sleep, to stress and even diet. Regardless of how they appear, getting rid of them is no easy feat. Fortunately, there are a few skin care products on the market, that make the task a bit less difficult. The Allure Best of Beauty 2015 award winner Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir is one such product.

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

Any foundation with the name aqua in it is sure to get people with dry skin interested. The Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation is the creation of a Japanese actress’s search for natural skin care that grew into a full fledged eco-friendly skin care line. A moisturizing and long lasting mineral foundation, the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation is a highly esteemed product that declares it will leave you with beautiful, radiant, and moisturized skin.

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Review

There are days when life calls for a full face of foundation. And then there are days where there a million and one things you’d rather do than put on foundation period. For those days, a tinted moisturizer like the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint will be your best friend. Providing you with just enough coverage to get through the day, and lightweight to the point where you feel like you have nothing on, reaching for your Jouer Matte Moisture tint might be a part of your daily routine before you know it.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation

Most widely known for it’s breakthrough debut on QVC, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation is the high tech, triple threat foundation that will set you back a pretty penny. However, sizable price tag aside, if you’re looking for a powerful product that corrects, perfects, and protects, look no further. The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation is “IT” and you may find yourself overlooking the price after all.

Illuminare Foundation

Mineral makeup company Illuminare declares that it’s Illuminare foundation is the very first liquid mineral foundation on the market. While mineral foundations have been around for quite some time, rising to popularity in the past couple decades, it is true that many have been developed in a powder form. The Illuminare foundation takes the same philosophy of the typical mineral powder and transforms it into liquid form. The question is: Does it hold up to the beloved powder formulation we’ve grown to love?

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

Any foundation from a company that declares it is at the intersection of beauty, science, and luxury piques our interest. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation is the breakthrough product from said company that has set out to transform the way you do foundation. An intriguing product for sure, the name itself leaves one wondering, is it liquid or powder? Well, it’s both.

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

When you think of a full coverage foundation the last thing that would come to mind is lightweight. But, that’s exactly what the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme is. A full coverage, lightweight breathable foundation. Sounds like a unicorn product right? Well, there’s definitely something magical behind the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme that makes it one of the most unique foundation formulas of our time.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

When virtually every YouTube beauty guru or beauty blogger mentions a product, you know you’ve stumbled upon something special. You’d be hard pressed to watch a makeup tutorial that doesn’t feature the Ben Nye Banana Powder in some fashion. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the Ben Nye Banana Powder is just that good of a product or, maybe it’s popularity can be directly attributed to the famous Kim Kardashian highlight and contour. Regardless of we came to discover it, the Ben Nye Banana Powder is the powder of choice for makeup artists, beauty gurus, and everyday women.

DermaBlend Cover Creme

Have you ever wondered what Dermatologist recommended makeup would look like? You’d think, it had to be something with only the best ingredients, tested on multiple levels, coverage that even the most stubborn skin conditions will submit to, and offering sun protection because that’s where healthy skin begins. That sounds like a lot to expect out of one product. But, Dermablend Cover Creme covers all bases, imperfections, and is the product where dermatology and makeup collide.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

If you were to poll the makeup artists of iconic beauty brand Giorgio Armani, you’d find more often than naught the Luminous Silk Foundation is the preferred pick. That leaves us with one question: What is it about the cult favorite of makeup artists and enthusiasts alike that has the beauty world abuzz? We took a deeper look into the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation to find out.

Mary Kay Foundation

Legacy brand Mary Kay has been a beauty power player in the industry for decades. With a solid and substantial product line, the brand has been delivering superior quality makeup to the masses for ages. Of it’s considerable line, Mary Kay Foundation is the the heart of the brand with a wide variety of options to choose from. Due to the extensive Mary Kay Foundation category, it has created one of the most common questions of beauty consumers: What is the best Mary Kay Foundation for me?

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Modern beauty brand NARS is known for many of their iconic and innovative products. A company that prides itself on creating audaciouscosmetic products youll find their extensive  line is loved by the masses. When it comes to their multiple foundation options, one stands out above the rest as the top rated and best seller. It is the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, a satin finish foundation that promises to leave you with illuminating, radiant skin.

Laneige BB Cushion

Cushion foundations are a semi recent hit to the beauty scene but there has been a definite rise in popularity with every brand has been developing or launching their very own version of the highly convenient cushion foundation. Prestige brand Laneige has taken the idea behind the cushion foundation and applied it to BB cream, making it one of the first BB cream cushion options on the market. The Laneige BB Cushion is the 5-in-1 BB cream that aspires to revolutionize the way you use BB cream from here on out.

Sacha Cosmetics

For women of color one of the hardest things to combat when it comes to makeup is finding foundations, concealers, and setting powders that work well on darker skin. So many of the most innovative makeup brands have limited shade ranges that stop just short of including an assortment of dark skin tones in their lineup. There are some companies, however, that have identified this need and have created cosmetic lines exclusively for the diverse skin tones of women of color. Manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago, Sacha cosmetics is one of those brands.

Bite Beauty

When you hear the name Bite Beauty, you instantly think of makeup you can eat. But thats ridiculous. Right? Well, not for this Toronto-based cosmetic company that built an entire brand with multiple lipstick lines that are literally good enough to eat. Thats right. Bite Beauty is an innovative, edible lipstick line that has taken the organic beauty world to another level.


Its no secret that in recent years there has been an explosion of mineral cosmetic companies to hit the market. Were living in the green age where the general trend is moving toward more sustainable and healthy beauty. That being said, not all mineral cosmetics are created with the same standard. Some are fine using a standard assortment of minerals while others are committed to the mineral philosophy through and through. Youngblood Cosmetics is a company of the latter.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless

The start of a good makeup application starts before your foundation. In order to have makeup that goes on smooth, lasts all day, and looks just as flawless when you walk in the door as when you walked out, you need to start with a good primer. The Too Faced Primed & Poreless line is a number of celebrated priming products designed to give you just that. Flawless makeup, before and even after you apply your foundation.


When makeup artists create cosmetic lines, theyre almost always destined for greatness. Think about it. These are expertly trained artists who have worked with a multitude of skin types, products, and brands over the course of their career. They know what works, what doesnt, and whats missing. This is exactly how esteemed makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, a professional with over 35 years of experience, created what is now one of the leading organic cosmetic lines: RMS Beauty.

Dior Airflash

When you think of the Dior brand you think, trendsetter. Cutting edge, iconic beauty. The stuff magazine covers and fashion week is made of. It only makes sense that this brand, famous for its beauty department that fuses couture with makeup, has created a cutting edge foundation that has everyone intrigued. The Dior Airflash foundation is an innovative spray foundation designed to give you the finish of an airbrush foundation in the palm of your hand.

Nars Tinted Moisturizer

Regardless of how much you may love makeup, there is always the day when a full face of makeup isnt the look youre going for. On those days, youre just looking to take care of you skin and maybe give a little boost of color. Nothing more. For those days, a good tinted moisturizer is your best option. One of the most popular prestige tinted moisturizers on the market, Nars Tinted Moisturizer is the one that promises to give you a your skin but betterapplication on the days when you need just that.

Missha BB Cream

Although just arriving here in the states a few years ago, BB Creams have been popular in the Asian beauty scene for much longer. While many brands have a BB cream or two in their cosmetic line up, none are quite as extensive as the Missha BB Cream series. With an overwhelming variety of BB creams for various skin types, levels of protection, and skin care options, Missha BB Cream offers some of the best selling BB creams on the market today.

Mac Mineralize Foundation

The undisputed of undisputed makeup brands, MAC Cosmetics naturally has a lot to offer when it comes to quality makeup for the masses. Their foundations alone have become the standard for any and everyone interested in beauty. Whether youre a makeup artist or makeup novice watching videos on Youtube, you know MAC is going to deliver. One of their popular foundations is the MAC Mineralize Foundation. Available in a liquid cream compact, a loose powder, and even a moisturizing cream gel, the MAC Mineralize Foundation is the brands expert dabble into the world of mineral cosmetics.

Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer

Sometimes the secret to radiant luminous skin isnt found in your foundation or concealer. It may not even be your beloved primer or finishing powder. Sometimes, the key to getting soft luminous radiance comes from a unique product designed specifically to mimic a healthy summertime glow regardless of the season. The Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer available in three forms is that kind of product. Providing you with radiant skin that looks like its glowing naturally.

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover

Depending upon what kind of makeup you tend to wear, sometimes the hardest part of your application is taking it off. When youve packed on the long-lasting primer, the water-proof mascara, and the transfer resistant eyeliner, getting your makeup off can take longer than it did putting it on. Fortunately, thats why makeup removers exist and the Mary Kay Eye Makeup is the award winning remover designed to make this task a little less daunting.

Cover Fx Primer

The Cover Fx Primer line consists of four powerful face primers all working to provide you with smooth, even-toned skin for the most flawless makeup application. Whether you have dull skin and are hoping to brighten your complexion, or have mature skin that needs special skincare benefits to perform its best, there’s a Cover Fx Primer that will work for you. Each of the Cover Fx Primers are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and leave out the main culprits of skin irritation including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc.

Cle De Peau Foundation

When it comes to luxury beauty, Cle De Peau Beaute just gets it. A prestige brand that oozes excellence with a blend of technology, elegant design, exemplary service, Cle De Peau spares no expense when it comes to creating a luxurious beauty experience. With an expansive product line covering every aspect of cosmetics, the heart of the brand is the Cle De Peau Foundation. Available in four distinct formulations, the Cle De Peau foundation is the luxury product that rivals some of the most esteemed brands.

RCMA No Color Powder

RCMA is a brand for makeup artists. Literally. Standing for The Research Council of Makeup Artists, RCMA was created by Vincent JR Kehoe. A legendary makeup artist, his goal was to create a brand that provided professional quality makeup products specifically for film, television, and theater. Of the RCMA highly regarded products, the RCMA No Color Powder is a beauty staple that is in the kit of every makeup artist in the industry.

Too Faced BB Cream

When BB Creams hit the US market it was like we discovered gold and never looked back. Since then, virtually every brand has worked to create their own magical elixir that lies somewhere between a moisturizer, primer, and foundation. BB Creams, also known as beauty balms, are the multitasking product to provide you with the benefits of a moisturizer and the coverage of a sheer foundation. A popular contender in the beauty balm space is the Too Faced BB Cream in which the brand refers to as a multi-benefitbeauty product.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

RMS Beauty is one of the industrys most prestigious organic beauty brands. Created by a makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift, out of the need for makeup that had the long term health of women in mind, RMS Beauty is a line of cosmetics that not only look good on you but are good for you. The breakthrough product of the brand is the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. A simple one shade illuminator with multiple uses, formulated with only the purest ingredients from the earth.

Mary Kay Primer

Mary Kay is an iconic brand in the beauty industry with a line packed with a number of solid makeup and skincare products. With some of its products are more extensive than others, you can be sure if there is a cosmetic product on the market, Mary Kay has created a version as part of its line. As far as primers are concerned, there is just one, the Mary Kay Primer with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 designed to perfect, prime, and protect.

By Terry Foundation

Known amongst the beauty industry as the couture brand, By Terry is a brand focused primarily on luxury skincare and makeup. Founded by Terry de Gunzburg, a beauty professional with an impressive background in high-end fashion and beauty including a 15 year reign as an Yves Saint Laurent makeup designer, the By Terry line is designed to bring the couture of the fashion industry to the beauty world. Since the heart of the brand is luminescent skin, some of the most celebrated products are the By Terry foundations. Available in five versions including an innovative By Terry foundation brush, each By Terry foundation promotes its own set of unique skincare benefits.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Becca is a brand that is known for it sophisticated foundations, illuminating skin perfectors, and a plethora of radiant skin products. The brand understands how to do luminous and do it right. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before the company known for creating products that highlight the skin, designed a primer that provided the same radiance their products have become known for. The Becca Backlight Priming Filter is a primer that aims to create an illuminating base to skin, the perfect canvas for any makeup application.

Cover FX CC Cream

First there were BB Creams and then there were CC Creams. The multipurpose, skin care meets makeup products that revolutionized the beauty industry. But the main question is, whats the difference? BB creams are technically considered beauty balms while CC creams are more tailored to color correct. Honestly, the main differences are really within each product and what the brand claims the cream can do. When it comes to the Cover FX CC Cream, it is a multi-tasking cream that color corrects, protects your skin, and treats it well with its skin conditioning benefits. All the marks of a truly effective alphabet cream.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

Hourglass is a brand known to fuse science, beauty, and luxury. Their luxurious foundation and luminescent powders have been the talk of the beauty industry from expert picks to making it into beauty guru’s monthly favorites. But everyone knows, no makeup application is complete without a good primer. So naturally, the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is the one of choice for those most loyal to the brand.

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder

When makeup artists create cosmetic lines, its usually a match made in heaven. Makeup artists understand beauty and cosmetics in a way other brands do not. So naturally, when the first mineral powder debuted from a makeup artist line, the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, the beauty industry had high expectations. And fortunately, the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder does not disappoint.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Everyone knows the foundation of a good makeup application starts before you apply your base. In order to get a perfectly flawless makeup look, you need to start with a perfect canvas. Thats where primer comes in. Priming your face before applying your foundation has a number of benefits and is essential if you want to achieve makeup that will look its best. So where do you start when looking for the primer to transform your makeup habits? With the #1 US face primer brand of course. Smashbox and their iconic Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

Pixi Correction Concentrate

One of the toughest skin issues to combat are dark under eye circles. Whether its genetics or simply lack of sleep, once dark circles appear under your eyes, it can be extremely difficult to fix. Where most people use a simple flesh toned concealer to remedy dark eyes, theres a better way. Using a pigmented concealer like the Pixi Correction Concentrate in a soft peach shade works to directly counteract purple or blue toned dark circles. This means the Pixi Correction Concentrate works not only to conceal but, to neutralize.

Magic Minerals

Magic Minerals is the popular mineral makeup that has taken the as seen on TVbeauty world by storm. Created by celebrated international beauty visionary Jerome Alexander, the iconic makeup artist wanted to a create cosmetic product that was as high performing as it was unique. The result was the Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexandar, an innovative multitasking foundation compact that doesnt compromise on performance or quality.

Lancome Teint Visionnaire

The Lancome Teint Visionnaire is a two tiered foundation that is designed to correct some of the most pressing skin issues in just four weeks. Created to be a makeup duo, the Lancome Teint Visionnaire claims it can correct dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and minimize pores with consistent use over the course of four weeks. With lofty claims such as this, the Lancome Teint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Makeup Duo sounds like a dream product. But the question is, does it work?

Lancome Renergie Lift Foundation Makeup

Lancome is the brand the oozes of femininity and beauty. When it comes to luxury makeup, this French brand understands the need of a womans individual beauty needs. With a host of high performing luxurious foundation, youre sure to find a Lancome foundation that fits your needs. For people with mature skin looking for a foundation that helps turn back the hands of time, the Lancome Renergie Lift Foundation Makeup is the perfect choice for you.

Iman BB Cream

Since BB Creams hit the US market a few years back, every brand has hustled to create their own unique version. There was just one problem back in those few years of BB cream overload. Brands seemed to consistently overlook darker skin tones in their limited shade ranges. While BB creams were never designed to work as full coverage foundation options, they still acted as a tinted of moisturizer of sorts. Yet brand after brand released lines of the coveted BB cream with its darkest shade being somewhere between tan and medium tan. That is until Iman. The Iman BB Cream is one of the first BB creams that took darker skin tones into consideration and created a line of shades on the darker end of the spectrum.

Ilia Beauty

As long as the rest of world continues to trend every day in the direction of a more organic and green lifestyle, makeup companies will continue to follow. Green beauty is about creating makeup that enhances your natural beauty while sustaining your health and relatively new makeup brand ILIA Beauty, believes in that philosophy 100%.

Ex1 Invisiwear Foundation

Trying to find foundation to match ethnic skin tones is always a struggle. With many companies only providing foundation to fit a limited spectrum of skin tones, sometimes you have to think outside the box and the mainstream brands to find a foundation that works for you. The EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear LFoundation is a brand that seeks to make that search a bit easier.

Erborian BB Cream

Today, BB creams are nothing new to the US market. Each and every cosmetic brand around seems to have some version of BB cream in their lineup. But while BB creams are common the US market now, there was a time when the popular BB cream phenomenon was limited to Asian brands. Being the place where BB creams were created, its only natural that those breakthrough brands have some of the highest performing BB creams around. Korean beauty brand Erborian is a perfect example with its top rated and immensely popular Erborian BB Cream.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

The only thing that could make a foundation from a brand known for its high quality skincare products better is to make it multitasking. Well, thats exactly what the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer is. A two in one product that covers and conceals for a perfectly flawless finish.

Clinique Even Better Foundation

The name of the Clinique Even Better Foundation should be enough to get you intrigued. A foundation that claims to make your skin even better without makeup? Where do we sign up? Honestly, a foundation of this caliber is to be expected from a brand that is founded on the principle belief that great skin can be created. So naturally, they followed their own advice and created the Clinique Even Better Foundation, a foundation that promises to do just that.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder

The setting powder of all setting powders. Well, thats how lovers of the highly regarded luxury beauty brand By Terry feel about the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder. A setting powder with a steep price tag and a flawless finish, the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder is the setting powder to have.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

It seems after the explosions of BB creams and CC creams that the beauty world had a new focus. Creating makeup products that doubled as skincare was the new trend. So along with multitudes of alphabet creams, a new wave of foundations that aimed to employ the same philosophy into their products was created. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is one foundation that aims to benefit the skin providing ample coverage as well.

Bobbi Brown Foundation

Of course, a brand founded by a makeup artist who believes that any woman can have perfect skin with the right foundation is bound to have some pretty spectacular foundations. Its no wonder that Bobbi Brown foundations have always been popular in the cosmetic industry by both experts and consumers. Bobbi Brown has a designed a line of foundations including cream, pressed powder, liquid, and the cult favorite Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. All wonderful and high performing in their own right.


Mineral makeup has become increasingly popular year after year as people continually trend toward makeup that looks good and is good for you. Every year it seems another brand launches looking to provide women with mineral makeup so that she can look flawless and rest assured she is being kind to her skin. One such company, that has been around for over a decade is BellaPierre. A mineral makeup company that boasts it is the next generation of mineral cosmetics.

Bare Minerals

Diving into the world of mineral makeup can be overwhelming. There are countless brands, with various claims, and it can be hard determining what’s what. If you’re a mineral makeup newbie, it’s best to stick to the established brands, the ones that know what they’re doing, and have the experience to back it up. Bare Minerals is that kind of brand.

Joppa Minerals

Like most beginnings of a mineral makeup brand, Joppa Minerals was born from a search for better makeup. The now decade old brand was founded so that women could have access to cosmetics that looked and felt good too. And without the large price tag that many mineral makeup brands tend to have.

YSL Touche Eclat

If you’re even remotely interested in the beauty industry you have heard of the cult favorite YSL Touche Eclat. The YSL Touche Eclat is the innovative concealer pen from the luxury brand known for its chic and quality beauty products. Since the YSL Touche Eclat was introduced to the industry, its following has grown exponentially. From makeup artists to beauty experts, to everyday women, the YSL Touche Eclat concealer is the product to have.

YSL Foundation

Luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent is known for its impeccable fashion and its high quality cosmetic products. Packaged in tubes and bottles of gold, Yves Saint Laurent shines when it comes to their gold standard face products. With four high performing YSL foundations, the brand leads the way in innovation and luxury.

Vasanti Brighten Up

Any product with the words Brighten Upin it is definitely going to catch your eye. Who isnt on a quest for skin that looks brighter and healthier? That is the premiere goal behind the Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator, an exfoliator that hints after using it, you can skip the trip to the dermatologists office!

W3ll People

W3LL PEOPLE is a cosmetic brand created for the beauty conscious woman. Designed to meet the need to for a skincare brand that fused eco-friendly dermatology with high performing cosmetics, the W3LL PEOPLE brand was born.

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz

Too Cool for School Dinoplatz is a Korean brand that is just as fun as its name suggests. Founded in the belief that rules are meant to be brokenToo Cool for School Dinoplatz is a Korean beauty brand that fuses skincare and makeup with community and art. What you get from this explosive combination is a line of Too Cool for School Dinoplatz products that are as innovative as they are fun, without skimping on performance.

Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation

When influential fashion designer Tom Ford decided to expand his fashion empire into beauty, he did so under the belief the first step to beauty is a flawless complexion. The creation of the high-end Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation aims to provide just that.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Tarte is a brand known for its eco-friendly beauty products that dont sacrifice style or performance. One of its standout product is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, an oil-free foundation that promises to stand the test of time.

Smashbox Primer

Did you know that high-end cosmetics brand Smashbox is the top rated primer brand in the USA? That’s quite a title to carry and for good reason. The Smashbox Primers are the cream of the crop when it comes to high-quality makeup primers that perform. There are currently ten different types of Smashbox Primer available. Each celebrated in their own right with each Smashbox Primer working well for various skin types and needs.

Skin79 BB Cream

Skin79 is a Korean skincare brand that fuses innovative ingredients into beauty created to transform your skin. In the world of skincare, BB creams are the products have taken the industry by storm. Originated in Korea, naturally when it comes to delivering a superior quality product, a Korean brand like Skin79 knows what’s it doing. With its extensive line of five expertly formulated Skin79 BB Creams, there is an option for every skin type and need.

Revlon Photoready Foundation

Have you ever been in a situation where your makeup looks flawless yet once a picture is taken, that perfection doesnt quite translate? If you answered yes, the most likely reason is your foundation just couldnt hold up to the dreaded flash photography. The Revlon Photoready Foundation is the foundation that promises to change that.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

Any foundation that has the words Healthy Skinin its name is bound to pique your interest. And when that foundation is created by a brand that is known for its affordable quality skincare, the expectations are high. The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup is the premiere foundation from the drugstore brand that we have come to love for offering great skin products with an even better price tag. The only question is, does the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup live up to the quality we have come to expect from the beloved brand?

Model in a Bottle

Whats worse than spending time applying a full face of makeup, achieving ultimate perfection, and it all disappearing in a matter of hours? Nothing. Getting the perfect makeup look is no easy task so the last thing you want to do is waste all of that hard work but skipping one important step. Applying your setting spray.

Mary Lou Manizer

Nothing completes a perfect makeup application like an illuminator. This one simple step in your routine can take your look from ehh to awesome with one simple sweep. The Mary Lou Manizer is the illuminator that takes that sweep and multiplies it by three, making it the versatile illuminator to have in your makeup stash.

Marcelle BB Cream

Ever since the world was introduced to BB creams, we turned our backs on everything else. When you can receive benefits like hydration, protection, even complexion, brightening and more, from one convenient product, what else do you need? But while BB creams may be super popular, there are still those brands that get it, and those that don’t. Marcelle is a brand that does BB cream the right way. With an extensive lineup, Marcelle BB Creams have taken the basic idea of BB cream and multiplied it by six. The result is six completely different Marcelle BB Creams all created to help you multitask your way to great skin.

Lorac Pro Palette

One of the beauty industrys most popular eyeshadow palettes is the comprehensive Lorac Pro Palette. This is the eyeshadow palette of choice for makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, and Youtube beauty gurus. Known for its versatility and celebrated for its superior pigments, the Lorac Pro Palette is the eyeshadow palette that can replace all your other eyeshadow palettes with ease.

Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Cosmetics is the professional makeup and skincare brand straight out of Italy that is committed to creating innovative, high performing cosmetics without breaking the bank. The Kiko Cosmetic brands fuses superior quality with technicolor innovation that surpasses some of the most popular brands available. With its recent entry into the US market, Kiko Cosmetics is ready to take over the professional makeup and skincare markets.

It CC Cream

When it comes to alphabet creams, CC creams are the nifty color correctors that generally provide a sheer wash of color with a few other skin benefits. The It CC Cream changes the game in numerous ways and seeks to replace not only your other CC cream, but every other facial product on your vanity as well.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

For those with oily skin, or even normal skin that gets particularly oily in the summer months, a matte foundation is your best friend. Matte foundations work to perfect the skin and combat oil, leaving you with flawless, shine free skin that hopefully stays that way all day. As far as drugstore foundations go, its hard to find a brand that nails the matte free formula, but if youre looking for a good option, the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation is a good place to start.


A product of tech savvy cosmetics brand Revitalash, RevitaBrow Advanced is another one of the brands breakthrough conditioners. Using the brands signature revitalizing technology and providing a host of benefits to provide you with celeb-worthy eyebrows, RevitaBrow Advanced is the pricey eyebrow conditioner that comes with a high recommendation. Its safe to say that after using RevitaBrow Advanced, you just might be able to say goodbye to pencils and gels for good.

Oxygenetix Foundation

Oxgenetix Foundation is the foundation that claims to be the cosmetic industrys first breathable makeup. Created with a formulation proven to increase oxygen levels in skin and promote skin cell regeneration, the Oxgenetix Foundation promises to naturally cover and quickly heal, making it one of the most intriguing foundations available on the market today.

Pixi Glow Tonic

Meet the UK originated beauty product that has everyone gushing over its recent entry into the US market: Pixi Glow Tonic. This amber gold colored liquid has been causing quite a stir with all of the UK based beauty gurus claiming this is the only toner youll ever need in your collection. A multipurpose, alcohol free toner, the Pixi Glow Tonic is high performing and affordable, with the ability to rejuvenate and transform your skin with daily use.

NYX Primer

NYX is the affordable, professional grade cosmetics brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. With their products making frequent appearances in countless YouTube videos, and their recent expansion offline and into a real life brick and mortar store, their popularity and product line continues to grow and expand. While the brand has an extensive selection of products, lets start at the beginning with the first step in every makeup application. Primer. There are a wide variety of NYX Primer options available to meet every skin care and need you can think of. From color correcting to hydrating, mattifying to glowing, there is NYX Primer specifically tailored for you.

NYX Foundation

From pressed powders to mineral sticks, there are a number of NYX Foundation options available for all skin tones and types. Whether youre looking for convenience or more concerned with coverage, NYX has created a foundation tailored specifically to fit your needs.  And true to the NYX brand, it leaves nothing to be desired even throwing in the brand new NYX Foundation Mixer to ensure you can get your perfect shade of foundation, every time. Available in six shades, choose your favorite liquid NYX Foundation and get your perfect shade with the Pro NYX Foundation Mixer

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Laura Mercier, a brand known for its impeccable foundations, continues its reign with the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. This luxuriously creamy foundation is available in two formulations, both working to offer supreme coverage that looks completely natural on skin. Available in diverse shades and designed to leave you with flawless skin, both Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundations are the photoready choices for your next photoshoot or special event.

Laura Geller Foundation

When makeup artists launch cosmetic lines, youre usually in for a treat. This is especially true of Laura Geller cosmetics which took an innovative baking technique and applied to a now growing and increasingly popular line of beauty products. Branding itself as the authorityon Baked, Laura Geller has a host of skin products that use this technique to deliver top quality, high performing results. Starting with the premiere Baked Elements Laura Geller foundation, Laura Geller is bringing Baked foundation to the masses.

La Bella Donna

The best cosmetics products are born when they are created to solve a specific need. This is especially true in the mineral cosmetics industry where countless brands have sought to develop mineral based cosmetics that perform well and are gentle on skin. Over two decades ago, thats exactly how La Bella Donna Linea Minerale began and today the brand continues to provide high quality mineral cosmetics to the masses.

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation

The Bare Minerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is the one and only multi-tasking Bare Minerals Liquid foundation. Created with the Bare Minerals philosophy in mind to create top quality, high performing mineral cosmetics, the Bare Minerals liquid foundation cultivates that mission in a silky smooth, serum foundation designed to cover and improve the appearance of your skin.

Chanel Foundation

There are few foundations that portray luxury as much as Chanel Foundation does. When the brand dedicated to providing ultra chic, luxury fashion creates a foundation, you know youre in for a treat. With six Chanel Foundations available to meet your skins every desire, this is the foundation to pick when in need of a luxurious treat.

Zelens Age Control Foundation

In todays beauty market, to create a truly standout foundation, it has to offer more than just coverage. Beauty consumers want products that can solve multiple skincare needs in the same fashion that it does to conceal imperfections and improve the look of skin. For premium skincare brand Zelens, their focus is providing anti-aging benefits within each of its products. Rooted in biotechnology and paying careful attention to use plant-derived ingredients, Zelens creates cosmetic products that repair and prevent the telltale signs of aging skin. The Zelens Age Control Foundation is their noteworthy, anti-aging foundation that promises to do just that.

Sleek Makeup

If you live in the United States, chances are the first time you heard of Sleek Makeup, is when your favorite UK-based YouTube beauty guru mentioned them in a video. This European based beauty brand made waves within the YouTube beauty community and just recently opened its doors to ship to US consumers. This full-service cosmetics line has everything from foundations to lipstick, eyeshadows to bronzers. Performance wise, Sleek Makeup lives up to its name providing high-quality chic beauty to the masses.

Revlon Colorstay

With a catchy name like “colorstay”, you can probably guess what the main function of this popular drugstore line is. The Revlon Colorstay line is a branch of the well-known drugstore cosmetics brand that houses a full line of products designed for long lasting wear. The Revlon Colorstay line includes everything from foundation to eyeliner, lipstick to nail polish, with every product containing specific formulations that allow them to combat environmental factors, lifestyle obstacles, and personal needs to provide makeup that sticks around as long as you need it too.

MAC Prep and Prime

Priming has always been an essential step for every makeup application. Using an effective primer not only prepares the skin for makeup but helps to keep makeup in place longer. MAC makes sure to cover all your priming needs with their extensive MAC Prep and Prime line. With everything from setting sprays to finishing powder, to BB creams and everything in between, whatever your priming needs are, there is a MAC Prep and Prime product to assist you.

Merle Norman Foundation

Merle Norman Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that dates back to the early 1920’s. Founded by Merle Norman, the brand’s humble beginnings started with the sharing of products, created by Merle herself, with friends and family. From there, the first Merle Norman studio was opened in 1930 and today the brand lives on. With its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, the Merle Norman brand manufactures and distributes everything from Merle Norman foundation to eyeshadow, lipstick to skincare. The main goal of the Merle Norman brand is to create superior quality products that fulfill all women’s cosmetic needs.

Lord and Berry

Amongst the elite beauty brands of the world, there are some, that strive simply to provide you with a luxurious makeup experience. These brands are admirable and deliver beauty products that exude excellence. But then there are brands that hope to give you a bit more. A full style experience that incorporates beauty and fashion into the heart of the brand. For Italian fashion brand Lord and Berry, that is exactly the goal and they have been achieving it since 1992.

Lily Lolo

In the world of mineral makeup, many times the focus is on the top US brands who have led the pack in this growing genre of makeup. As mineral makeup’s popularity continues to increase, so does the number of both US and European brands available. Lily Lolo is one such brand with British roots, that is has been making a name for themselves on an expert level.

Kevyn Aucoin Foundation

Luxury brand Kevyn Aucoin is the kind of cosmetics company that understands what it means to desire truly flawless skin. Unlike any brand that is currently available on the market, Kevyn Aucoin doesn’t simply create your standard facial products. They go beyond the foundation and figure out what it is that women truly want from their color cosmetics and skincare products. From there, Kevyn Aucoin created a line of face products specifically designed for this woman in mind. Leading this luxury lineup is the Kevyn Aucoin foundation. A serum foundation with a pretty price tag that promises to meet your skin’s every need.

Inglot Cosmetics

Beauty enthusiasts are well versed in this internationally renowned brand that took the cosmetic industry by storm just a few years ago. Inglot Cosmetics has been around for over 30 years, but it’s only within the last decade did the brand begin to expand and make its name known on a global level. This professional line of color cosmetics is home to some of the most tech-savvy beauty products to hit the market. Based in Europe, but readily available around the world, if you’re looking for high performing, top quality makeup, look no further than Inglot Cosmetics.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

When you think of the beauty brand Guerlain, you think of luxury. This cosmetics company has been serving the beauty industry with luxurious high-end makeup and skincare for 175 years and counting. All of the Guerlain products are rooted in science, innovative, and exude excellence. The Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Liquid Foundation is a perfect example of the brand’s dedication to continually leading the beauty market with their high performing products.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish

The Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish line is a collection within the longstanding beauty brand that includes a number of foundations and concealers that are designed to provide skin with naturally flawless and radiant skin. The Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish products are available in a number of formulations designed to cater to the specific skin needs of each individual. Regardless of your skin type, tone, or texture, there is an Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish product that can provide your skin with the flawless look you desire.

Elf Acne Fighting Foundation

When it comes to foundation, most people tend to spend a bit extra for department store or high-end options. Foundation sets the tone of your makeup so people are generally open to paying a bit more for a high performing product that ensures great results. Elf cosmetics, however, is a drugstore brand that has recently shown us performance doesn’t always equate to a high price tag. This brand has brought a number of effective and high performing foundations to the market to meet a variety of skincare needs. From the Elf Acne Fighting Foundation to the Elf Moisturizing Foundation Stick, Elf has a foundation for you.

Edward Bess

Women obsessed with the minimalist chic lifestyle have undoubtedly heard of the growing cosmetics brand Edward Bess. If not, it’s time to discover the brand created by a man who has been making his mark in the creative industry since he was just a teen. From beginnings in theater to a stint in modeling, Edward Bess discovered his true calling when it came to beauty. Specifically, creating a line of self-titled Edward Bess cosmetic products that were as timeless as they were chic.


In the world of Korean beauty, you will find some of the most innovative and unique cosmetic companies. Some of the best products to hit the market come directly from these leading brands who aren’t afraid to take risks, follow trends, and effectively meet their niche customer’s needs. 3CE is an up and coming trendy Korean beauty brand, that knows exactly the kind of products fashionable women want, and creates them with a constantly growing line of trendy makeup.

YBF Beauty

YBF Beauty is the cosmetic line that was designed to work as your skins best friend. Thats exactly the YBF in the name stands for. Founded over a decade ago with the mission to empower women through beauty, YBF Beauty has been creating innovative, exciting beauty products to women across the world.


One of the more recent players in the beauty industry is the chic makeup brand Saucebox Cosmetics. Founded just a few short years ago by a makeup obsessed mother-daughter duo, Saucebox Cosmetics is the quirky beauty brand rooted in old English culture. Saucebox Cosmetics, a name that can be translated to mean words like rude and obnoxious, the philosophy behind the brand is attitude and self-expression. For Saucebox Cosmetics, this entailed creating a savvy cosmetics company, with intriguing old time feminine packaging that delivers quality with an affordable price tag.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Leading the pack of unique vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. With humble beginnings that included just two lip balms, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has evolved into a beauty brand that has gained the attention of the masses.

Pacifica Makeup

When you think of Pacifica Makeup the first thing that comes to mind is natural boho chic cosmetics that make you feel as good as they make you look. A brand rooted in the belief that life is best lived when you do what you love, Pacifica Makeup seeks to transform the beauty world. With its all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free formulations, Pacifica Makeup is the makeup brand for women inspired by life, adventures, and the beauty found in the world.

Mally Beauty

When makeup artist Mally Roncal announced she would be releasing a cosmetics line, the beauty world went into a frenzy. Known for her makeup artistry throughout the industry and expert of all things beauty, a Mally Beauty line is the stuff of beauty enthusiasts dreams. From her work with celebrity clients like Beyonce and Celine Dion to her frequent appearances on some of the most popular mainstream shows like Oprah and the View, Mally Beauty was the natural next step in this renowned makeup artists budding career.

Kjaer Weis Foundation

Super sleek and chic Italian beauty brand Kjaer Weis has been able to do what many brands have not. That is, creating luxuriously chic beauty products from the formulation to the packaging, that are certified organic. At first glance of the Kjaer Weis beauty products, youd most likely be drawn in by its silver packaging and modern design, but youd stay for its natural formulation. Starting with the super popular certified organic Kjaer Weis foundation, this is the natural beauty brand you want to try.

Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano is the Italian cosmetics brand designed for professional makeup use. The Kiko Milano Cosmetics line today contains an impressive lineup that includes a number of makeup and skincare products in addition to professional grade makeup accessories. Known as one of the most popular cosmetic brands across Europe, Kiko Milano has extended its reign to over 34 nations with its e-commerce operations including its most recent entry into the US market.

Jordana Cosmetics

Jordana Cosmetics is one of those beauty brands where you probably received your first introduction through your favorite beauty gurus YouTube channel. But surprisingly, this small family-owned cosmetics company has been creating quality, affordable cosmetics to the industry for the past 25 years. Behind the price friendly Jordana Cosmetics brand is the core commitment to providing cosmetics that perform without breaking the bank. This simple philosophy has gained Jordana Cosmetics its noteworthy popularity that continues to grow.

Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundation

When a foundation makes it onto the makeup favorites list of Kim Kardashian you know it must be something special. The Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundation has been around long before we knew about the infamous Kardashian but having the celeb note it as one of her personal favorite foundations is a definite nod to the foundations performance. As the heart of the Joe Blasco cosmetics line, the Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundation has become a beauty industry staple that isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

Gabriel Cosmetics

The era of green beauty is one that has been steadily growing with more and more beauty brands opting to create high performing cosmetics with only the most natural ingredients of the earth. Many brands, like Gabriel Cosmetics, take this natural beauty philosophy a step further by infusing nature into all aspects of the brand. With Gabriel Cosmetics, this natural cosmetics company is dedicated to creating high quality, natural skincare that is vegan, gluten and cruelty-free. With this philosophy remaining at the core of the brand, Gabriel Cosmetics has been able to create a cosmetics company that serves to enhance and protect the natural beauty of women.

Femme Couture

Femme Couture is a cosmetics brand that fuses affordability with sophistication. Available exclusively at Sally Beauty, since its launch, Femme Couture has created quite an extensive line of cosmetics. Formulated with high-quality ingredients and utilizing modern technology, Femme Couture is dedicated to creating excellent makeup, influenced by some of the top trends today. Within the considerable line youll find that Femme Couture has everything from mascaras to foundations, eyeshadows to lipsticks, all in vibrant colors, smooth textures, and perfect finishes.

Face Atelier

FACE Atelier is the sophisticated cosmetics brand that seeks to disrupt the makeup industry by creating a truly inclusive and versatile brand that appeals to women of all ages, races, and backgrounds. FACE Atelier accomplishes this by providing consumers with simple cosmetics easy enough for makeup newbies to use and high performing enough for makeup artists and beauty experts to love. With this unique outlook on versatile beauty, FACE Atelier has become a force in the beauty industry.

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella is the brand that seeks to reinvent beauty. With its name meaning Behold Beautiful, this eco-conscious and all natural cosmetics brand is dedicated to creating pure, beneficial, and sustainable beauty products for creative, passionate, women around the world.

Concrete Minerals

Most mineral companies are dedicated to simplicity, minimalism, and a balanced lifestyle in addition to a commitment to producing all natural cosmetics. Concrete Minerals is a company that takes that typical mineral philosophy and employs it into a natural cosmetics brand with an edge. Founded in 2009, Concrete Minerals is the mineral cosmetics company that fuses high performance, vegan ingredients, and cruelty-makeup with bright and vibrant individuality. The result is Concrete Minerals, a unique mineral makeup brand that stands out from the crowd.

Becca Mineral Powder Foundation

Becca is the brand known for its stylish assortment of skin perfecting products. From their expertly crafted illuminators to their popular skin perfectors, Becca is a brand that understands what women are looking for in perfect skin. The Becca Mineral Powder Foundation is nothing new to the popular brand but it is one of the lines most gentle and beautiful foundation options. The Becca Mineral Powder Foundation is the skin perfecting option that anyone of any shade can use with success.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale Cosmetics is an organic mineral cosmetics company that is a recent addition to the ever-growing mineral cosmetics market. Founded just a few short years ago, the 100% vegan and cruelty-free Au Naturale Cosmetics continues to handcraft their organic beauty products in small batches with the hope of revolutionizing the face of makeup.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Ever since a certain infamous selfie by Kim Kardashian, the contouring and highlighting makeup technique has taken over the beauty industry. This longtime technique used by makeup artists across the world has become a beauty phenomenon that isnt going anywhere anytime soon. With women everywhere desiring to master this makeup technique, brands quickly jumped at this new opening in the beauty market. Leading the pack was Anastasia Beverly Hills with the debut, cult favorite, Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. A palette of complimentary colors created to help everyone from makeup artists to everyday women achieve an expert highlight and contour. Needless to say, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is the original contour palette of the industry.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics was created with one purpose in mind. To create a fashionable natural cosmetics line that performed better than most chemical based cosmetics. Founded over a decade ago, Afterglow Cosmetics has continued to do that by creating a comprehensive line of natural, mineral-based cosmetics that look good, feel good, and are genuinely good for you.

Cailyn Cosmetics

Cailyn Cosmetics is a dynamic beauty brand that prides itself on its innovative, advanced formulated, and impeccably designed products. Cailyn Cosmetics doesnt simply create high performing makeup products for sophisticated and stylish women, they engineer them. Taking care to pay careful and special attention to each step in the design process, Cailyn Cosmetics is dedicated to delivering cosmetics that are as beautiful as they hope to make the women using them feel. Starting with sourcing the finest and highest quality ingredients, to incorporating modern technology in each and every formulation, to designing the most aesthetically pleasing packaging available, Cailyn Cosmetics aims to provide a full beauty experience within their products.

Garnier BB cream

Today you can find virtually every brand, mass market and prestige alike, with a BB Cream or two in their product line up. For cosmetics company Garnier, they have three. Each Garnier BB Cream is designed to improve the appearance of your skin while offering a layer of protection. Inside each Garnier BB Cream is a formulation that works to even the skins complexion, provide intense, long-lasting hydration, and protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun with a generous SPF content. Once applied, the Garnier BB Cream leaves skin brighter and smoother with a radiant glow that lasts all day.

Jane Iredale

Where skin care meets makeup is where youll find mineral cosmetics brand Jane Iredale. The self-titled brand, founded by Jane Iredale was created just over a decade ago when the entertainment professional saw a need for makeup that was both good for the skin and solved womens beauty problems. From there, Jane launched Jane Iredale mineral makeup in 1994 and the brand has been growing ever since.

Maybelline BB Cream

When the super popular Korean beauty balms entered the US market a few years ago, high-end brands were the some of the first adopters of the trend. As their popularity increased, drugstore and more affordable brands started to create their own versions of this cult favorite beauty product. Maybelline was one of the first drugstore brands that not only created a BB cream but introduced one that included shades for a wide variety of skin tones. Today there are three versions of Maybelline BB Creams available in the United States with additional versions limited to international markets.

Almay Smart Shade

The Almay Smart Shade collection is a number of color correcting and complexion perfecting beauty products designed to enhance the appearance of your skin. A growing collection that includes complexion products and color cosmetics, the Almay Smart Shade collection is the skincare line that adjusts and adapts helping your natural beauty to shine through.

Besame Cosmetics

There are some cosmetic companies that are able to flawlessly blend multiple philosophies into one seamless niche brand. For Besame Cosmetics that blend comes in the form of classic glamour fused with luxury and sustainability to create sophisticated beauty products that speak to women authentically. A growing brand that is centered in art and history, Besame Cosmetics wants to empower women to know that being strong, elegant, and feminine is your best feature.

Wander Beauty

Wander Beauty is the cosmetics company that creates beauty products inspired by the world. This luxury makeup brands takes the popular phrase wanderlustand infuses it into the Wander Beauty makeup line. This fusion has enabled Wander Beauty to become the cosmetic industrys premiere makeup line inspired by travel. From the luxurious formulations to the rich and vibrant colors, Wander Beauty creates makeup based on the beauty of the world. And the authentic feel of Wander Beauty comes directly from its international supermodel cofounder, Lindsay Ellingson. With a career that has taken her across the globe, Lindsay was inspired to create a makeup line that reflected her experiences. After years of expertly crafting the most high quality and performing cosmetic formulations, Wander Beauty was born. Using her extensive knowledge, connections and calling on some of the most regarded makeup artists in the industry, Lindsay was able to create a truly innovative cosmetics company that solved womens beauty needs and spoke to their beauty desires.

Tigi Cosmetics

Tigi Cosmetics is a full-service beauty brand that has been making waves in the industry since the late 80s. Originally named Tigi Classic Cosmetics, this brand has weathered the competitive cosmetic industry, revamping and rebranding along the way, helping it to achieve the level of success it has come to see today. With a focus on creating innovative, high performing cosmetics products, Tigi Cosmetics continues to be a top choice of beauty industry professionals around the world.

Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation

There are some beauty products that are created to revolutionize everything you previously knew about makeup. The Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation is one such product that fused the design of a serum with the functionality of a foundation to create its popular breakthrough base. The Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation is a foundation that is conveniently packaged in an elegant dropper for a serum like application. Created to moisturize dry skin, conceal imperfections, and last all day (a full 12 hours to be exact), its no wonder the Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation is one that all the beauty bloggers and gurus have raved about since it launched.

Sisley Foundation

Sisley-Paris is the French-based beauty brand that infuses luxury and culture into its extensive line of makeup products that are distributed around the world. Known for their dedication to providing high-end and high performing cosmetics, Sisley-Paris has created a company with skincare, makeup, and fragrances that are carefully crafted to treat the skin well. At the heart of the brand are its most well-known Sisley foundations, each designed to serve a specific skin purpose and need. There are currently four types of Sisley foundation available to choose from with the brands most popular by far being its Phyto-Teint EclatFluid and Compact options. You can also find an anti-aging Skinleya Sisley foundation and a long last Phyto-Teint Expert Sisley foundation available as well.

Silk Naturals

Silk Naturals is a handcrafted cosmetics company that has been providing the beauty industry with natural beauty products for the past decade. Based in New York, Silk Naturals like many beauty brands, was created to solve a specific purpose and beauty need. What Silk Naturals founder Karen Stark was looking for, was makeup that was perfect for her. Something that was all natural, colorful, performed well and was good for the skin. After years of searching and coming up short, Silk Naturals was born.

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge is the whimsical European beauty brand designed to intrigue, mesmerize, and indulge your senses. When you think of Rouge Bunny Rouge, think of makeup that aims to tell an intricate story through each and every one of its enchanting beauty products. From its magical packaging to the soft color palettes, exploring the beauty of Rouge Bunny Rouge is sure to be an experience like no other.

Rituel De Fille

Enchanting cosmetics company Rituel De Fille is the beauty brand created for the girl who loves the allure of magic just as much as she loves nature. Infusing both interests of this specific girl, Rituel De Fille has created a niche beauty brand that is home to a small, but intriguing, line of natural based, pigment packed makeup products. With every aspect of the Rituel De Fille brand carefully crafted to meet this mystical womens beauty needs, Rituel De Fille is easily one of the most interesting and unique indie beauty brands available today.

Rejuva Minerals

Rejuva Minerals is a mineral cosmetics brand that is dedicated to creating high-quality mineral cosmetics that contain the purest and natural ingredients available. Founded in 2006 by healthcare professional and wellness advocate Brenda Hyre, Rejuva Minerals was born from the need to find healthy, nontoxic makeup that performed. Working with an expert team of beauty experts, cosmetic chemists, and makeup artists, the first formulations of Rejuva Minerals were born. At Rejuva Minerals, the mission is to consistently create eco-friendly, natural beauty products that enhance a womens natural beauty. From the nature-based formulations to the environmentally sustainable packaging, Rejuva Minerals infuses this commitment into every aspect of the brand.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

When it comes to phrases like long lastingin the beauty industry, many times this is a relative term. Long lasting will mean something different depending on the brand and the product in question. For affordable drugstore cosmetics brand Rimmel London, they put the term to the test with their 25hr Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. A foundation that promises to stay put, through all conditions, for a full day of activities.

Palladio Cosmetics

In an industry where natural based cosmetics are becoming increasingly more popular, a host of well-established and upcoming brands have been able to solidify their position in this new beauty landscape. For the skincare brand that promotes botanical and vitamin infused goodness in each and every product, Palladio Cosmetics is one such brand that has been creating natural based makeup products over the past two decades. With a comprehensive product line that includes everything from foundation to blush, concealer to lipstick, Palladio Cosmetics is a brand that promises not to sacrifice performance for healthy ingredients.

Mineral Hygienics

Mineral Hygienics is one of the many all-natural cosmetic brands available on the market today. With a consumer base that is increasingly concerned with safer and more eco-conscious beauty products, Mineral Hygienics has been able to fill a true need in the industry. With a host of high performing beauty products that include everything from mascara to foundation, Mineral Hygienics provides quality makeup, created with just enough ingredients to meet your beauty needs.

Milk Makeup

At the intersection of fashion, culture, and art, lies trendy and fashion forward company Milk. A  brand designed to inspire trends, showcase bright ideas, and create community amongst tastemakers, Milk has established another branch to its hip company, Milk Makeup. Milk Makeup is the cosmetics company that fuses eco-conscious and eco-chic together to create high performing, tech savvy makeup products designed for modern girls on the move.

Hylamide Photography Foundation

You dont have to be a beauty expert or professional to know that sometimes even the most flawless makeup application can fall short when put to the test on camera. Thats why there are some beauty products on the market that are specifically targeted to improve the appearance of the skin both on and off camera. One such product that has been making waves in the industry is the Hyalmide Photography Foundation. An innovative liquid foundation that works unlike any other foundation you may have tried, the Hyalmide Photography Foundation is the product that promises to perfect the appearance of you skin under any lens.

Dr Dennis Gross CC Cream

The professional quality and medical grade skin care line of Dr. Dennis Gross is one that fuses advanced cosmetic science with dermatology. Each and every product within the robust Dr. Dennis Gross skin care line focuses on providing truly medical-based skin care and professional performance results to their customers. With the Dr. Dennis Gross CC Cream, the brand has created a breakthrough product that takes their innovative skin care practices a step further. The Dr. Dennis Gross CC Cream is the multitasking color correcting cream created to both treat the skin and offer intense concealing and color correcting properties.

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer

When prestige beauty brands like Giorgio Armani launch innovative cosmetic products, youre in for a treat. This high-end, sophisticated brand known for delivering simple, elegant beauty has a luxe history of creating products that become beloved staples in the beauty industry. Its breakthrough Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer is one such beauty product that hit the shelves and quickly elevated to cult favorite status. A versatile, multipurpose, liquid serum, the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer is one of those must-have beauty products, despite its sizable price tag.

Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

The cornerstone of every great makeup application starts with a primer. Primers are typically used to simply smooth the skin before applying foundation. But for a skin focused brand like Dermalogica, creating a primer that takes into consideration the health of your skin is essential. That led the brand to create the popular Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer, a primer that is focused on skincare. With its innovative formulation and healthy skin philosophy, the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer is designed to take care of your skin while prepping it for your subsequent makeup products.

Daniel Sandler

Daniel Sandler cosmetics is the self-titled, professional makeup line of UK based celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler. The professional quality Daniel Sandler makeup line was created to help everyone from everyday women to professional beauty experts enhance their natural beauty with easy to use and high-performance products. Combining his extensive experience in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and his hands on knowledge to solve the beauty needs of women, Daniel Sandler has been able to create a simple, yet comprehensive makeup line that appeals to all women.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are the revolutionary addition to your base makeup collection, designed to provide you with ultimate versatility. Not quite a foundation on its own, though with its comfortable buildable texture can be worked up to full coverage, and not quite a serum, the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are simply drops of liquid pigment that allow you to fully customize any product in your makeup stash. From foundations to moisturizers, BB creams to concealers, just a couple drops of the innovative Cover FX Custom Cover Drops helps to create your perfect shade and coverage. Every time.


Colorpop Cosmetics is the affordable beauty brand that took the industry by storm when it launched its now highly celebrated liquid lipstick line. Based in California and founded by two friends, Colorpop Cosmetics rise to fame is one like no other and quite an impressive feat in one of the most competitive industries in the market. With a philosophy that boasts if you can dream it, you can do it, its no wonder that a colorful, fun, and trendy brand like Colorpop Cosmetics has become a fan favorite in such a short time frame. As for their products, Colorpop believes wholeheartedly in creating a cosmetics brand with all the pop and none of the fluff. This means that Colorpops simple goal is to create bold, pigmented makeup that you use can use. Thats how this brand has been able to continuously develop the brightest, most vibrant, and insanely extensive makeup shades at prices everyone can afford.

Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful is a cosmetics company that understands color. Intuitively. Proudly declaring they are premiere color authority for personal cosmetics Color Me Beautiful has created an impressive line of color cosmetics using an innovative seasonal coding system to help you find your perfect shades. Pulling from the inspirations of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, Color Me Beautiful has a collection that will perfectly compliment your natural beauty.

Circa Beauty

Circa Beauty is a cosmetics company that has become part of an interesting new wave in the beauty industry. Fine quality, high performing, inspired by luxury cosmetics that are available to the mass market at a more affordable price tag. For Circa Beauty, that entails a full-service cosmetics brand that creates professional grade makeup using advanced technology, innovative formulations, and the finest ingredients in each and every product. With celebrated beauty icon Eva Mendes serving as the affordable luxury brands Creative Director, Circa Beauty is dedicated to providing women with makeup that celebrates femininity and womanhood with its expertly crafted products and aesthetically impressive packaging. With Circa Beauty, the goal is to give women the tools to feel classical, elegant and find their own individual beauty through Circa Beauty products.

Cinema Secrets Foundation

To put it simply, Cinema Secrets Foundation is the makeup of the stars. The ultimate coverage Cinema Secrets Foundation was created to provide professional makeup artists with high-quality makeup that leaves their celebrity clientele looking flawless both on and off screen. Today, the Cinema Secrets Foundation has become one of the most preferred makeup products of makeup artists, celebrities, and even medical professionals.

The Estee Edit

The Estee Edit is the trendy, modern branch of one of the beauty industries most regarded cosmetic brands, Estee Lauder. Created to disrupt the cosmetic industry in a way that only the iconic Estee Lauder brand could, The Estee Edit is the line that promotes individuality, personality, and most importantly, expressing your attitude through your makeup. Exclusively launched at Sephora, The Estee Edit tapped some of the most popular social media influencers, Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim to represent the face of the line. With these two social stars, the bold makeup, and straightforward skincare, consider The Estee Edit the beauty brand of the digital era.

Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty is the popular natural cosmetics company led by now business mogul Jessica Alba. Created as the cosmetics branch of her already wildly successful brand, The Honest Company, Honest Beauty delivers safe and high performing cosmetics that feel good, look good, and are genuinely good for your skin. With its now full-service line of skincare and makeup products, Honest Beauty has been able to create a cosmetics line that truly celebrates all women while promoting a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Today you can find a host of natural and effective Honest Beauty products that help to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel and look your best.

Exuviance Coverblend

Exuviance is a branch of the multi-brand cosmetics company NeoStrata. Focused on delivering products that address the needs of skins complexion, the Exuviance line consists of skin care, treatments, and other facial products designed to enhance the natural complexion of skin, treat imperfections, and conceal flaws. With the popular Exuviance Coverblend line, these three products work to improve the appearance of the skin by providing key benefits with substantial coverage to match.

Best BB Cream and CC Creams

A few years ago, a new beauty phenomenon hit the states and the U.S. beauty market has never been the same. What are we talking about? Alphabet creams. Specifically the tried and true BB Cream. This Korean beauty staple entered the lives and beauty routines of women around the world promising to change the way they do skincare and makeup forever. With the success of BB cream, the cosmetic market quickly took notice and evolved to release CC cream and eventually even releasing DD Cream. In the world of multitasking beauty products, BB cream and CC cream have been leading the pack over the last few years and it doesnt look like well be using anything else, anytime soon.

How to Use Makeup

When you look at the success of beauty gurus on Youtube or the countless number of beauty blogs that have been created to help women learn and understand makeup, its not surprising to realize that an overwhelming number of women are searching for the answer to one simple question. How to use makeup. Regardless of your age, where youre from, or what you do for a living, for women, learning how to use makeup is a big deal. Something every woman can relate to in some form or another. For the self-proclaimed makeup junkie, learning how to use makeup is a fun hobby, while perfecting how to use makeup for the professional makeup artist is essential for their career.


In a world where Instagram and Youtube beauty gurus hold as much authority on makeup as some beauty experts do, the secrets and tricks of the trade that were once reserved for supermodels and magazine covers, are now out for the world see. One of those tricks took the internet by stormit may or may not have been due to a now infamous selfieand since then it has become the standard in creating a flawless makeup look. It almost goes without saying but, were talking about contouring. What was once a makeup artist secret is now something every woman either knows or wants to learn how to achieve. If youre still relying on photos from Instagram to help you out, contouring can look extremely complicated, but behind the scenes, its not as tough as looks.

Airbrush Makeup

Though at first, airbrush makeup seems a bit overwhelming it really is a pretty straight forward method of a foundation application. Where most traditional foundations are applied with tools like brushes, sponges, or even your fingertips, airbrush makeup is applied to the skin using a cosmetic airbrush. The airbrush is what makes the airbrush makeup application so unique. An airbrush consists of three parts, a place to house the airbrush makeup, a compressor to ensure even distribution, and a trigger to apply. If you have a good airbrush and quality products, airbrush makeup is an easy and effective way to create a flawless makeup look.

Organic Makeup

Whether you notice it when youre walking down the aisles of your local drugstore, shopping at one of the prestigious beauty counters in your favorite department store, or losing yourself online beauty shopping, its hard not to take notice of green beautys increasing presence. As consumers are becoming more health-conscious, reading product labels, and educating themselves on the different types of chemicals found in products, people are looking more towards organic makeup as their makeup of choice. When you think about organic makeup, in the past, the feelings have been mixed. Typically, beauty consumers wanted the safety of organic makeup with the same luxury and glam as mainstream products. In the earlier years of the green beauty movement, this was a hard thing to come by. In recent years, however, organic makeup has improved by leaps and bounds with many products working as well as or better than normal chemical based products. Today, there are countless organic makeup brands and products available to choose from, for people of all skin types, ages, and complexions. If youre interested in finally taking the leap, even if its a slow transition, to organic makeup but dont know where to start, then youve come to right place.

HD Makeup

Have you ever spent countless hours putting on your makeup, doing everything within your power to get the perfectly flawless look you envisioned in your head, only to take a photo or get caught on video looking completely different? If you answered yes then you know firsthand that HD makeup is the stuff dreams are made of. In todays digital world, where theres a chance you could wind up on someones Facebook page or in an Instagram selfie, more and more women are looking to find makeup options that look just as good on camera as they do off. Thats where HD makeup comes in. Makeup that makes you look great, in high definition.

Mineral Fusion

Since the start of the green beauty movement a few decades ago, the number of beauty brands committed to providing consumers with safer, healthier, alternatives to chemical cosmetics has skyrocketed. One company, Mineral Fusion, created just under 10 years ago has been able to build a mineral cosmetics brand that does all that and more. Now, celebrated as the leading natural cosmetic company, Mineral Fusion is a company dedicated to creating natural makeup products that improve, hydrate, and enhance the skin, leaving out all of the chemicals and ingredients that could comprise even the most sensitive skin types.

Rainforest of the Sea – Tarte

The arrival of Spring/Summer 2016 came with a host of highly anticipated beauty releases and new collections. One of those collections that beauty enthusiasts and experts couldnt wait to get their hands on was Rainforest of the Sea, Tarte Cosmetics newest collection. The Rainforest of the Sea Tarte collection consists of a number of Rainforest of the Sea Tarte products with everything from eyeshadow to foundation, and everything in between. With the Rainforest of the Sea Tarte collection, youll also find a number of makeup tools and accessories to complete this coveted seasonal collection.

Makeup Revolution

The UK has always been home to some really awesome cosmetics companies and with up and coming beauty brand Makeup Revolution, this time, it’s no different. Makeup Revolution is a fairly new beauty brand that is housed under the global cosmetics company TAM Beauty alongside a number of well-known and established cosmetic brands. Since its launch just a few short years ago, Makeup Revolution has been making its way onto British beauty blogs and in the makeup stashes of women across the UK. Only a few years old and it’s already safe to say that Makeup Revolution is the beauty brand to watch.

FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm is a full service cosmetics brand that was founded over three decades ago in the country of Sweden. Created from FACE Stockholm founder Gun Nowak need to find the widest variety of colors to compliment the latest fashion trends, FACE Stockholm was born. What started out as a small business to fulfill Nowak’s passion for color grew, into a full fledged cosmetics company that remains one of the most versatile and colorful beauty companies in Sweden.

Gressa Skin

At the intersection of minimalism and skincare is the cosmetics company GRESSA Skin. A minimalist skincare company rooted in both cosmetic science and traditional herbalism, GRESSA Skin is the brand for women looking for truly effective and seriously simple skincare. With an extensive collection that includes both GRESSA Skin care products to treat many of women’s most pressing skincare concerns, to GRESSA Skin makeup covering color cosmetics for the face, eyes, and lips, the GRESSA Skin company is becoming increasingly popular amongst luxury green beauty consumers. 

Kjaer Weis

You have not experienced truly luxurious organic makeup until you have experienced Kjaer Weis. An organic makeup company founded by a professional makeup artist, Kjaer Weis aims to replace your traditional luxury makeup products with an organic alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the luxurious feel you have become accustomed to. From its chic and sleek packaging to its high performing organic formulations, Kjaer Weis is the luxury organic cosmetics brand to try. 


If you’re a nail polish aficionado chances are you’ve heard of the popular color cosmetics company KleanColor. Although its core fan base is dedicated to nail polish, KleanColor is a company about much more than that. For KleanColor, the focus is always color. From KleanColor nail polish to KleanColor lipstick, creating bold and vibrant color cosmetics is the heart of the KleanColor brand.

Annemarie Borlind

When it comes to the competitive cosmetics industry there are many brands that come and go. And in that very same space are the brands that stick around and stand the test of time. For one of the original natural based cosmetics companies, Annemarie Borlind, that time spans back more the fifty years ago. Annemarie Borlind is a natural beauty brand that has been providing natural based, highly effective and innovative skincare products for decades. With their scientifically savvy formulations and dedication to sustainable beauty, Annemarie Borlind is a brand that won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Bourjois City Radiance

For Paris founded and UK based beauty brand Bourjois, they are a company known for creating high performance and affordable color cosmetics. While the Bourjois brand has become known for a number of their budget friendly beauty products, none stands out as much as the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation. For those British beauties looking for a versatile foundation that provides a host of skin benefits and is as friendly on your skin as it is on your wallet, look no further that Bourjois City Radiance Foundation. 

MAC Foundation

You don’t have to be a beauty expert or even someone who is truly obsessed with makeup to know about MAC. The truth is if you’re even remotely interested in makeup you have heard, tried, or looked up a review on MAC Foundation. When it comes to foundation, MAC Foundation is the standard. MAC Foundation is what you’ll hear all the beauty vloggers compare whatever other foundation they’re talking about to. MAC Foundation is the universal shade finder foundation where in order to match yourself to another foundation all you have to do is simply read what the alternative MAC Foundation shade should be. Whether you’re a makeup artist or just an everyday woman looking to purchase a foundation you know that you can trust, that will work, and that will come in your shade, there’s simply no denying that MAC Foundation is where you start.

Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation

If there is one brand the embodies the saying that not all foundations are created equal it’s Shiseido. This tech savvy and innovative makeup brand takes color cosmetics to the next level and their most recent example is here in the form of the Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation. If you’ve been looking for a foundation that fits your skin so well it’s almost like it was made specifically for you, then you may want to start with the Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation. 

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

With a name like “Confidence in a Cream,” it’s almost impossible not to be intrigued. For IT Cosmetics, Confidence in a Cream is a transformative moisturizing cream that promises to turn even the most lackluster skin around. For those suffering from dry, dull skin, or those fighting to slow down the hands of time when it comes to the look and feel of the skin, this product might just might be the miracle in a jar you’ve been looking for.

Kylie Cosmetics

One of the breakthrough cosmetic brands in the digital age is Kylie Cosmetics. A brand that was launched by the youngest sister in the Kardashian/Jenner crew and became an instant phenomenon amongst the young influencer’s fan base. Kylie Cosmetics initially launched as a lipstick line that was born from the obsession with Kylie’s perfect Instagram famous pout. If you were on the beauty scene at that time, you know that the initial Kylie Cosmetics release sold out within minutes with excited fans ready for the next opportunity to order the popular lipsticks that would lead the Kylie Cosmetics empire. Today, Kylie Cosmetics has grown from a few standout products to a full-fledged cosmetics brand with a growing fan base and a solid place in the beauty industry.

Clinique Superbalanced

Clinique has long been regarded as one of the pioneer cosmetic brands that successfully fused makeup with skin care. Both Clinique skin care and makeup products are some of the most celebrated and widely used in the makeup industry. Of Clinique’s extensive line of products, the Clinique Superbalanced line is one of the brand’s most popular. The Clinique Superbalanced makeup line consists of two types of foundation that have been dubbed “smart makeup”. Each Clinique Superbalanced foundation has an uncanny ability to be moisturizing where skin needs moisture and absorbs oil where the skin is oily. Smart indeed. Each oil-free Clinique Superbalanced foundation formulation works to balance the skin and control oil leaving behind a naturally flawless finish.

Veer Cosmetics

If you’ve ever found yourself in the Youtube beauty rabbit hole, you’ve probably come across the videos of women writing on their faces with a sharpie and then using an extremely full coverage foundation to effortless the cover the skin. The brand behind that foundation is Veer Cosmetics. Veer Cosmetics is a beauty brand that focuses on one staple product to deliver dramatic results. The Veer Cosmetics liquid foundation is the popular full coverage foundation that promotes it is the most full coverage foundation on the market for women today.