Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead Wrinkles: Causes and Treatment

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles? Are you looking for the best forehead wrinkle cream? What do you recommend for deep forehead wrinkles and lines? One of the biggest problems people face as they fight the effects of aging skin is the appearance of deep forehead wrinkles. These wrinkles can be difficult to reduce and make people look significantly older than they actually are. However, there are several ways that a person can slow the formation of forehead wrinkles and even prevent them. While some forehead wrinkles can occur from natural aging, there are other factors that can be avoided to help keep your forehead smooth and achieve younger-looking skin. To find out how to get rid of forehead wrinkles, let’s first look at its causes.

The Causes of Forehead Wrinkles

The main cause of deep forehead wrinkles is the natural aging process. As people age, their skin loses elasticity. When this happens, skin is no longer as firm as it once was, which causes it to sag and wrinkle. Genetics plays a big part in how quickly a person ages. A drastic reduction in collagen production, particularly in women who have experienced menopause, is a major factor in the formation of forehead wrinkles. However, there are also several environmental factors that can affect whether or not these wrinkles will form. Exposing skin to tobacco smoke can trap toxins in the skin, which speeds up the aging process. Exposure to UV rays, such as bright sunlight and the light given off by tanning beds, can release free radicals that damage skin and cause aging to occur faster. There are several ways that you can fight and even prevent forehead wrinkles.

Preventing Forehead Wrinkles

One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles from appearing on the forehead is to protect your skin from the sun. Shield your face from the sun when you’re outside by wearing a hat that creates shade for your face, and apply a moisturizer that both hydrates your skin and has sun protection built into it. The free radicals that are present in UV rays speed up wrinkle formation more than any other environmental factor, so UV protection for your forehead is essential. Keep your forehead smooth by establishing a skin care regimen that includes anti wrinkle serums and creams that exfoliate deep beneath the surface of the skin. This allows toxins and pollutants to rise to the surface, where they can be washed away. Anti wrinkle serums that include alpha hydroxy acids are especially effective in performing this kind of deep-down cleansing that encourages new cell and collagen growth. This may in turn prevent deep forehead wrinkles from forming. A daily skin care routine to combat forehead wrinkles should also include a hydration treatment. A moisturizing treatment in the morning and at night, with an anti aging serum that hydrates the skin and keeps it firm, to prevent sagging. If you have oily skin and are concerned that such a serum will block your pores, try a product that is foamy to the touch and not oil based.

How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles

When anti aging serums and other over-the-counter treatments are no longer effective, many people turn to a skin care specialist in order to smooth out forehead wrinkles. There are several clinical procedures that can be performed, and some need to be performed multiple times to be effective. Many of these treatments are conducted by injecting a chemical directly into the skin of the forehead.  The introduction of a retinoid into the skin causes it to produce more collagen and allows it to create new skin cells at a faster rate. This plumps and firms the skin so that the wrinkles smooth out. Other chemicals reduce nerve impulses in the injection area and keep wrinkles that have already formed from becoming deeper, by limiting facial muscle contractions there. However, many of these chemicals can have a number of side effects, such as swelling at the injection site, redness, and itching after treatment of deep forehead wrinkles.

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  1. paulap

    I cant use regular moisturizers either because my forehead gets TOTALLY shiny. You need to use a moisturizer that is “matting” – which means it removes oil and shine. Go for the Citrus Clear Control Moistruizer – they sell it at the shop down the street from me, and totally works in getting that shine off my forehead – and does not break me out.

  2. Marlene

    I have deep forehead wrinkles and I want to know how to get rid of forehead wrinkles naturally. I have tried so many anti wrinkle creams and serums to remove these forehead wrinkles. I’m too young to have these lines on my skin. They make me feel very embarrassed. I want to know which the best cream for forehead wrinkles is. My marriage is fixed. My spouse is very understanding and he doesn’t mind the wrinkles but I can’t look like this on my wedding. I can’t show this face to 250 guests. Please help.

  3. Lubz

    I have really bad wrinkles on my forehead and i am only 23, I do not want to have botox or any thing like that just yet but i have tried everything else, nothing seems to work for me, its so embarrassing to have wrinkles on my forehead at this age…..

  4. Gabriela

    I noticed my forehead wrinkles some time back. I was really shocked. I started wondering why I have wrinkles on my forehead. I’m just 30 and I have already started using an anti aging cream. I do take good care of my health and cleanse it. I’m eating a healthy diet also. Then I remembered that I had been making lots of faces for my little one and so these wrinkles have formed! What can I do to get rid of forehead wrinkles? What is the best remedy for forehead wrinkles?

  5. Anonymous

    I think they are talking about taking olive oil orally because forehead wrinkles can be caused by inflammation and dry skin. If you have a diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 you will prevent inflammation. This is common knowledge. If you avoid bad oils and supplement your diet with olive oil or fish oil or other forms of healthy oil like linseed oil you will improve the odds.

  6. Libra

    I have heard of many home remedies for forehead wrinkles but definitely never heard of oilve oil improving wrinkles. Where did you get that? I use a forehead wrinkle cream but it does not get rid of forehead wrinkles… It just makes them look less obvious. Maybe try Botox. I cant afford it but I have heard is good.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if a cream is going to work for forehead wrinkles.

    I had Botox done and that worked but you need to keep going back.

    If you find a topical product do let me know.

  8. Lorain

    do you know how get rid of forehead wrinkles naturally using home remedies because i have a wrinkle forehead but am unemplpyed and cannot afford to spend more on forehead wrinkle removal creams. i have heard that olive oil is very good for forehead wrinkles, is this true? is there a treatment that is better? i tried to make a forehead wrinkle cream myself but could not find half of the ingredients listed.

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