Reading FirmaCare reviews from third party sources, it’s easy to think that this product is just a scam. Many reviewers seem to be upset with the company’s billing practices and the unexpected charges they received on their credit cards. Some FirmaCare reviews even go so far as to call this product an outright scam and suggest that the cream exists solely to collect customer billing information. However, online reviews and aggregate product ratings can sometimes be deceiving because they don’t paint the full picture. It’s a common occurrence; someone receives unexpected charges, becomes furious and rushes off to their laptop to shoot off an angry review as a way of venting their frustration. Therefore, such emotional feedback in FirmaCare reviews must be taken with a grain of salt. The savvy consumer must take a step back and make an objective assessment of the product before making a final purchasing decision.

FirmaCare Free Trial Terms and Conditions

When reading FirmaCare reviews, one of the main problems for many consumers seems to be the company’s billing practices for the free trial offer. It appears that some customers signed up for the free trial offer, paid for the shipping, and then became very angry when they saw charges of $90, or more, on their credit cards. It’s certainly understandable how this could make anyone very upset.

However, to understand this issue in FirmaCare reviews, we need to take a closer look at the company’s Terms and Conditions (TAC).

According to the TAC, the free trial isn’t for an actual product, but rather for a subscription service. After placing an order for the trial jar, the customer has 14 days within which the subscription must be cancel. Failure to make a timely cancellation will result in a charge for the initial jar of FirmaCare, as well as an automatic enrollment into the company’s monthly shipment program.

Unfortunately, many consumers who left negative FirmaCare reviews didn’t realize these details, and thought that they were getting a free jar of face cream, with no strings attached.

However, although the company could explain these Terms and Conditions more directly, it is also important to note that the text is clearly visible on the manufacturer’s website. All one has to do is scroll to the bottom, and the main points of the free trial are outlined in a large font that is easy to see.

Therefore, the negative FirmaCare reviews are not necessarily indicative of every consumer’s experience, and it is possible that many other customers clearly saw the 14 day clause and simply cancelled their subscription trial before incurring additional charges.

How FirmaCare Works

The main idea behind FirmaCare focuses on the power of moisturization as a way to achieve an anti aging effect. This is the same approach taken by many other anti aging skin care companies, as dehydration of the skin is a big contributor to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. To reduce the signs of aging, FirmaCare is claimed to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier. With greater moisture retention, the skin remains healthier and the natural process of collagen depletion is stymied.

FirmaCare Ingredients

To better understand how FirmaCare works, let’s consider some of the ingredients contained in this cream.

  • Vitamin C:  This is the cornerstone ingredient in FirmaCare and has several effects on the skin. Although it is thought to play a role in the skin’s natural moisture barrier, some of its better-known effects have to do with skin damage repair and collagen stimulation.
  • Capric Triglyceride:  This FirmaCare ingredient is a common chemical in skin care applications and is valued for its ability to moisturize the skin.
  • Glycerin:  To strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier, the cream includes glycerin. This chemical is a common addition to many skin care products and is thought to have been used indirectly for hundreds (if not thousands) of years as part of naturally-produced soaps.
  • Ceramides:  FirmaCare also contains ceramides, which are a relatively new trend in skin care. Ceramides are thought to be naturally-present in the skin, and their depletion has been associated with dehydration and accelerated skin aging. By replacing this chemical, anti aging creams aim to strengthen the natural moisture barrier, thereby boosting natural suppleness.
  • Niacinamide:  Also known as vitamin B3, this skin care ingredient is thought to boost skin moisture by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. It is also thought to work closely with ceramides.

Where to Buy FirmaCare

FirmaCare is currently available through a free trial offer on the company’s website. Although it may also be found on large ecommerce platforms, the consumer should approach such third party vendors with caution. Due to the high cost of approximately $90 per jar, FirmaCare may be a potential target for counterfeiters.

FirmaCare Side Effects

Although serious side effects are not believed to be an issue with FirmaCare, the cream can cause irritation and inflammation due to its content of fragrance and witch hazel.

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