Facial Cleanser Reviews

Do you like to lather your face in a foaming cleanser? Do you prefer to skip the water and use a cream cleanser with a cloth or tissue?  Or do you prefer a cleanser that contains beads to slough away dead skin cells? Cleansers are personnel and they not only clean your skin but can be a very pampering part of the day. Cleansers need to remove dirt, pollution, oils, dead skin cells, etc . However, they can also accelerate the results you can expect from other cosmetic products. I.e. if your cleanser effectively removes dead skin cells, then a cosmetic serum is going to go deeper in the dermis and make effectively be more effective. Some cleansers contain AHA/BHA’s to remove dead skin cells without beads. Some face washes will lighten the skin. We recommended an all rounded product that compliments your skin without causing any irritation. Your skin type should guide you choice product however, for example, if you suffer from acne, you should use a product that calms the skin.

Our favourite cleansers are

– Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – yes you don’t need to spend $50-100 on a cleanser. This is our favourite cleanser because it protects the skin’s PH. We recommend exfoliating once a week as this is a very gentle skin cleanser.
– Skinceauticals Foaming Cleanser – this product is our favourite foam.
– Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is the runner up as it helps brighten the skin and slough away dead skin cells.

W’ere reviewing a pile other cleansers in our labs and we’ll provide you with skin specific recommendations.

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  1. gail

    I have combination skin and sometimes my skin breaks out in acne. I used to use bar soap to wash my face (yes, I know – my girlfriend has told me thats bad”. . I now use her Citrus Clear Face Wash which smells great and and it takes off so much dirt and oil off my face and leaves it not too dry-not too oily.

  2. Penelope

    My skin cannot tollerate cleansers with gycolic acid. They just cause my face to go red and peel. I have acne so I tried Neutrogena Clear Pore and that was okay but my skins till felt uncomfortable. Can somebody recommend a cleanser for acne prone skin that breakouts out all the time but is also designed for sensitive skin types?

  3. Lourdes

    I found the site after searching Google for best anti wrinkle cream on the market. I noticed you discuss many different wrinkles but I have already heard of all of these brands. Isnt there a wrinkle cream in Japan or Korea that works better than the ones you have discuss above?

  4. Donna

    I would love to make my own facial cleanser. I have dry skin and find most cleansers irritate my skin. I am going to checkout this website and try to make something myself. I know there is store in Austin that sells raw ingredients and has recipes on how to make different skin care products.

  5. Dimity

    I always liked Lancome facial cleansers as well.
    There is another brand called Biotherm that have very good facial cleansers.

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