Erborian BB Cream

Today, BB creams are nothing new to the US market. Each and every cosmetic brand around seems to have some version of BB cream in their lineup. But while BB creams are common the US market now, there was a time when the popular BB cream phenomenon was limited to Asian brands. Being the place where BB creams were created, its only natural that those breakthrough brands have some of the highest performing BB creams around. Korean beauty brand Erborian is a perfect example with its top rated and immensely popular Erborian BB Cream.

Erborian BB Cream Overview

The Erborian BB Cream, like most BB creams, was created to benefit the skin in a multitude of ways. Going beyond just a simple tinted moisturizer, the Erborian BB Cream works to provide skin that looks flawless, is protected, and is being treated while wearing. The Erborian BB Cream promises to do just that. With a formulation infused with ingredients like ginseng, it works to create the ultimate fusion of skincare and makeup in one convenient tube.

The secret behind the Erborian BB Cream is a multi-action formulation. The Erborian BB Cream works on multiple levels to soothe, protect, hydrate, and even out skins protection. The Erborian BB Cream uses its star ingredient ginseng because it is known for its moisturizing and soothing abilities. The Erborian BB Cream also uses Licorice in its formulation which is typically used in skincare products for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to lighten scars and sun damage. The final addition of Ginger in the Erborian BB Cream which is known for its soothing properties and also its ability to clear acne and blemishes. The Erborian BB Cream also contains ample sun protection with broad spectrum SPF 20 which helps protect skin from the UVA and UVB sun rays. Where the Erborian BB Cream is full of herbs and sun protecting ingredients, it is void of many of the normal irritants to skin. The Erborian BB Cream is formulated with any parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and works well on all skin types.

The Erborian BB Cream is available in two simple shades that are most suitable for pale complexions. Erborian BB Cream Dore is the lightest shade which is a very pale beige with neutral undertones. The Erborian BB Cream Clair is the darker shade that is only slightly deeper with a hint of yellow undertones. Both shades of the Erborian BB Cream perform the same and work to provide smoother softer skin. The texture of the Erborian BB Cream is velvety smooth and it applies to skin easily and blends seamlessly. The finish of Erborian BB Cream the is even and matte with visibly improved skin. The Erborian BB Cream can be worn alone or as a base for your makeup application.

Erborian BB Cream Review

With a Korean brand of BB cream that has such a potent formulation and claims like the Erborian BB Cream, you can only imagine what it means when the product is never in stock. The overwhelmingly positive Erborian BB Cream reviews show that people are thoroughly impressed with the Erborian BB Cream. Highly regarded by virtually every person who has tried the Erborian BB Cream, it seems like it is the premiere BB cream to have. The most common Erborian BB Cream review celebrates the coverage of the BB cream which seems to be unmatched when it comes to beauty balms. Where most fall in the range of offering too much coverage and can appear cake, or not enough coverage and appears too sheer, the Erborian BB Cream falls perfectly in the middle of the spectrum. Another popular Erborian BB Cream applauds the shade matching of the beauty balm. Although only available in two shades, people with pale skin have experienced difficulty finding shades that arent too pink or red. The Erborian BB Cream is the perfect option for those with some of the lightest skin tones.


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