Epionce: Company and Product Line Information Overview

Epionce is an American skin care product line developed and marketed by the Episciences, Inc. The company was founded in 2002 by Dr. Carl R. Thornfeldt, a dermatologist with over two decades of experience with developing ingredients to help heal and soothe irritated skin. The Epionce line focuses on products that are formulated to help improve, heal, and strengthen the skin barrier. Available products are part of a four-step system, the steps of which can help you make simpler decisions about what products to add to your skin care kit. Currently, Epionce products are available within the continental U.S. only.

About the Epionce Line

The Epionce product line includes such items as cleansers, toners, lotions, masks, face and body lotion, skin barrier creams, and medicated cream for skin that is injured or inflamed. Those who want to build a skin care kit from the company’s products can follow the recommended four-step system that includes products to cleanse, correct, renew, and protect the skin.

If you want to create your own personalized kit, you may also purchase products individually. There are some Epionce reviews available on the website, and reviews for those products that have not been critiqued by customers yet may be found on third party websites.

Where to Buy Epionce/Price Information

Epionce products are available for purchase directly from the company website, from other authorized online dealers, or customers can call the company’s toll-free number to order direct as well. The line is not available in stores or at spas and can only be purchased online. However, the company website does list skin care professionals in your area that may help you understand any Epionce reviews you have read online and help you select which products are right for you.

The price for Epionce products ranges from about $20 for the Restorative Hand Cream, to nearly $140 for the Epionce Intense Defense Serum. Facial lotions, creams, and anti-aging products are among the most expensive while hand creams are among the most affordable. This range in price may help you stretch your skin care budget, however, especially if you’re looking to enhance your current skin care regimen with products that protect and treat inflamed or irritated skin.

If you have never used Epionce skin care products in the past, be sure to read the ingredient list in full before making your purchase so that you can better understand how each product might affect your skin.

Epionce Ingredients

Each Epionce product featured on the website highlights key ingredients used, such as willow bark, marshmallow extract, and avocado oil. These ingredients, which offer deep cleansing, vitamin E, and soothing elements to the skin, are only a few of the natural ingredients the company includes in its products.

Epionce claims to offer customers complete transparency when it comes to the product line’s ingredients, as each one shown includes a complete list of chemicals contained, not just the active ones. This will help you make a more informed decision about which products are the best choice for your skin and which ones you may need to avoid in order to prevent allergic triggers.

Epionce Shipping and Returns Policy

Epionce offers three different choices for shipping: ground, three-day, and overnight. Each option is priced differently; however, members of the company’s preferred shopper club receive free shipping on any order, no matter its size. Epionce does accept returns, but only on items that were purchased directly from the company and does not accept products that were purchased elsewhere. Any shipping fees incurred during the original purchase cannot be refunded by Epionce for any reason.

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