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Eminence Skin Care: Company Information and Product Overview

Eminence Skin Care carries a full line of serums, lotions, exfoliants, cleansers, masks, and cosmetics for both the face and body. The company, which was founded over 50 years ago in Budapest, Hungary, is focused on creating organic products to offer their customers a wide variety of items that will not irritate the skin. Eminence Skin Care products are available in spas throughout the U.S. and Canada, and the company warns that any items sold online may be counterfeit or out of date. Several of the company’s hand creams and conditioners are certified USDA organic. All of the products of Eminence Skin Care are handmade in Hungary and are claimed to be paraben and fragrance-free.

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Eminence Skin Care Company History

Eminence Skin Care was founded in Hungary in 1958, where its creators used local ingredients like fruits and other botanicals to create all-natural skin products. They also drew on healing traditions and historical skin care remedies from the area to increase their product line as the years went by. Today, Eminence Skin Care is still controlled by the founding family, and all of the company’s product ingredients are hand-picked and processed in Hungary by local merchants. The only exception is the USDA line of products, as the ingredients for these items are made in America to comply with the organization’s rules and policies.

Buying Eminence Skin Care Products

Those who want to purchase Eminence Skin Care product can use the spa locator on the company website. While the website does not sell any of the company’s products directly, it does offer a great deal of information about the company and its treatment options. A toll-free number is available on the site for customers who want more information about local spas that carry Eminence Skin Care items.

All of the products are available for browsing on the website and each individual page offers a description of what each one does, its ingredients, and how it might improve the user’s skin. While shoppers can view the product containers, there are no photos of the products themselves, so it is difficult to guess at their color or texture. Eminence Skin Care reviews are also available on the website, but not for all products. Unfortunately, no suggested prices are listed on the website, and final prices may vary depending on the salon or spa from where they are purchased.

Purchasing Eminence Skin Care Treatments at a Spa

Eminence Skin Care recommends buying their products directly from spas and skin care clinics so that individuals will get professional advice about which lotions and serums are best for their skin type and condition. While some auction sites and unauthorized dealers sell Eminence Skin Care, these products may contain inferior creams and lotions that were repackaged in company bottles, and the company states that it cannot take responsibility for results from products that were purchased this way.

Purchasing Eminence Skincare products at a spa or professional skin care clinic also allows individuals to ask questions about the product line that may affect them personally. A skin care specialist at a spa will be able to answer questions about whether Eminence Skin Care is safe for people with certain skin allergies, if it should be used by women who are pregnant, or address any other questions customers might have.

A spa skin care specialist can also advise users how to apply the products they choose, how often to use treatments, and when they can expect to see any results. If you decide to purchase Eminence Skin Care products, be advised that the company website lists the shelf life of any item at twelve months, so they should be used while their ingredients remain potent.

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-Eminence Skincare


  1. Linda L Beymer

    I was gifted the Eminence Oils & Serums Signature Series Discovery Set for Christmas 2016. I am a former weapons load specialist having served in the United States Air Force. A lot of working outside on the flight line in environments from harsh cold temperatures, to unbearable, humid heat including 7 months in The United Arab Emirates 1990-1991(where the temperature was 135 degrees, and sweat rolled out of my body like my body was producing it’s own rain), had it’s effect on my face. I have gone from just keeping my face moisturized with generic products to Eminence. I love this kit! It was a great sampling to see the difference it could make and it definitely has! It has a variety of 5 oils and serums that do things like Firm, hydrate and soften, to Replenish & Smooth! I still need a variety to treat my face because in addition to being an inside the house and outside the house gal, I hot flash. So this kit is great to treat my skin to what it needs each day! I am out so I am ordering it again!

  2. Katie

    I started using Emminence app 2 years ago and absolutely love everything I have used. I often purchase a sample to use for a few days, before investing in a full size of an offering. US made products often include ingredients that are not tolerated or legal in other countries, particularly European countries, where standards are very high. For this reason, I was initially interested in a European made spa-like skin care line, and could not be happier with Emminence. I purchase online from Natural Beauty Group who has been a certified distributor of Emminence for many years. Also, their products last a long time, because they are so rich and concentrated, I use much less and get great results. Wouldn’t use anything else!

  3. MariaT

    I absolutely love this skincare line. It changed my life and complexion,literally. It’s a gift from nature and the price is very reasonable. The ingredients are fully disclosed and natural. Amazing product. Thank you thank you!!!

  4. Heidi

    I have had excellent results with every product I have tried. My favorites are the Stonecrop gel face wash and the Strawberry Rubarb dermafoliant. The wash lasts a long time because a tiny bit goes a long way. It’s extremely gentle yet effective. I used to struggle greatly with acne but this wash helps keep it under control. The dermafoliant gives instant results by removing dead skin and leaves a dramaticall softer surface.

  5. Anonymous

    I first sampled Eminence skin care products years ago. It wasn’t until a few months ago I decided I was going to spend more on skin care and really look after my skin. What attracted me to Eminence skin care is the fact the products are all fresh and natural.

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