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Elizabeth Arden is recognized worldwide as a trusted brand in cosmetics. It is one of the oldest cosmetic brands and has been in business for more then 100 years. Elizabeth Arden manufactures skin care, make up and fragrance products. However, for the purpose of this review we have concentrated on their skin care products. Searching the Internet for Elizabeth Arden Reviews bring up mostly positive comments from loyal fans. Elizabeth Arden has 1 jaw drawpoping number of likes on its website – last time we checked they had over a million likes.  Their Cermade is a department store best seller and their Prevage range is one of the most innovative cosmetic products of the decade. Cermade is a range that firms, tightens the skin and restores Cermades to the skin which are essential for hydration. Prevage was developed in conjunction with Allergan (manufactors of Botox) and contains a potent concentrate of super antioxidant Idebenone.

Cermade Lift and Firm Day Cream, Youth Restoring Captsules, Night Cream and Neck cream are all very innovative products.They contain the latest peptides, such as  Maxi-Lip and Parsol, to provide significant tightening to facial contours. We saw a reasonable lift with the digital camera after 8 weeks and the skin felt more hydrated the usual. Prevage provided more astonishing results at 8 weeks. Pigmentation was reasonable lighter. Keep in mind that a sunscreen must be worn as it may photo sensitive your skin during usage which is normal with any very active product.

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  1. Ada

    I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden ceramide range for over 10 years specifically the ultra firm and lift day and night cream. It’s not overly fragranced and is good for even sensitive skin. I’m dark skinned and 50 no wrinkles. I’d recommend it any day for anyone I just love the way it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturised

  2. Judith

    I have used Elizabeth Arden for 30 years. Visible Difference, Ceramide, and Millinium. I am 70 years old and have no wrinkles!! You cannot start off with the more advanced formulas because you will see irritation. You must start with the formula for younger skin and gradually move up. CLEANSE, TONE, MOISTURIZE, and you will see amazing results. Love EA.

  3. Anja H

    I always had the impression that this brand was no longer “modern” or updated. I think they had a very unstable position in the market. In the middle of the 90’s, they went down. They didn’t come with anything new and exciting, it was always new products in already existing lines like 8 Hours, Ceramide… But somehow it began to change and their position has been improved, but is still not so good as it used to be.
    Any way, for some reason i decided to try two products of them because I somehow always felt attracted to them. The result could not be better, and since then I’m trying out more and more to the point that right now almost my whole skin care products are from Elizabeth Arden. They should do a much better marketing because this brand is absolutely stunning and gorgeous!!!.

  4. Amelia

    I am new to using Elizabeth Arder skincare; in only two days I got immediate result of using Ceramide Purifying cream cleanser, Ceramide Purifying Toner and Ceramide Premier skincare, day cream, night cream, Regeneration Eye Cream and Ceramide Gold capsules. Before trying Elizabeth Arden I used Estée Lauder for many years it was ok, just lightly maintainance and I waited to finish my supply. My skin was getting dull, uneven pigmentation and aging look, then decided give a tried Elizabeth Arden and my skin never been better. I am stonish about the radiance of my skin. I wish I have a picture of before and after.

  5. KBishop

    Hi. I am a new Prevage user!! I love the Product. But was wondering why I’m breaking out Sooooo Badly!!! I’m 44. I’ve never had bumps that are on the lower jawline. The other side is trying to do the same. I’ve been using this product for over two weeks. Should i continue using or Stop.

  6. Rylease

    Really bummed because i payed so much for these products and have very dry skin,but it made my face itch, red and burn.

    • Abbey S.

      Hey Rylease,
      Sorry to see you were disappointed with the products you ordered. If you’re still in the market for a skincare regimen that works for you, I would love to tell you about Rodan and Fields. Have you ever heard of it? I am an Executive Skincare consultant for the company and would love to introduce you to our products. If you’re still searching for skincare, feel free to contact me via email at astone@caldwellhosp.org.
      If you would like to check out the products before contacting me, my website is alstone.myrandf.com.
      Abbey S.

  7. Elain

    I used Elizabeth Arden when I was in my 40’s but switched to Estee Lauder when I was 56. This Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Collagen Moisturizer was not available back then. I worked in public relations for most of my life and looking good was an important part of my job. I am going to give it a try. I will go to Macy’s next week to talk about it further.

  8. Bianca

    I have to say since I started using PREVAGE Anti-aging Eye Cream Sunscreen I noticed my dark circles were reduced. So it seems as though the sun was causing my dark circles. I have not tried other Elizabeth Arden skin care products but next time I go to NYC I will try out the range.

  9. Misha

    I am usually a big of the Elizabeth Arden Skin Care but I found Prevage to be very irritating. And I do not like the smell at all. I used it twice but the smell makes my feel sick.

  10. Penny

    I hope Elizabeth Arden never discontinues Ceramide Lift and Firm Night Cream. This product is a miracle and I cannot go a day without it. I wish I had as positive things to say about Prevage as I am a biz Arden fan but my skin reacted to it and I stopped using after 2 days.

  11. Clare

    I am going to Elizabeth Arden red door spa for my birthday next month. It was a present from my godmother. First visit to a spa so nervous but more excited. I hope I can try some of their skin care products as well. It all sounds very luxurious.

  12. Gianna

    I love Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Collagen Moisturizer. I have noticed it plumps up the skin if you use it for a few months but you need to use it both at day and night and apply it on the face and neck. Manage it in and make sure you keep massaging until it is fully absorbed. No need for surgery hehe.

  13. Megan

    I like the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Collagest boosting serum and moisturizer. I am not sure about Prevage thougn. Try the Visible Differece cleanser and moisturizer as well. Hard to explain but you will know what I am talking about after you use it. Very nice on the skin. Elizabeth Arden is the oldest skin care company in the world and I am happy to continue to use their products for the years to come.

  14. SmallzieP

    I agree about Elizabeth Arden Eye Creams. I tried many eye creams before I was recommended an Elizabeth Arden Eye cream and it actually worked better then any other product that I had ever used before. Now I am going to try the Prevage and 8 Hour cream.

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