Edward Bess

Women obsessed with the minimalist chic lifestyle have undoubtedly heard of the growing cosmetics brand Edward Bess. If not, it’s time to discover the brand created by a man who has been making his mark in the creative industry since he was just a teen. From beginnings in theater to a stint in modeling, Edward Bess discovered his true calling when it came to beauty. Specifically, creating a line of self-titled Edward Bess cosmetic products that were as timeless as they were chic.

The Story Behind Edward Bess

To understand the origins of the Edward Bess brand, you have to understand the man himself. As a young boy, Edward Bess had an eye for beauty and style that led his mother and sisters looking to him for advice. Edward Bess started his creative career at the age of 15 scoring a coveted audition and seat to the Professional Performing Arts School in New York. From there, Edward Bess turned to modeling working on casting and shoots around the world with a pivotal moment in his career moving to London to work abroad. It was there that Edward Bess dreamt up the idea to create a universally flattering makeup line that was stylish, timeless, and worked for well for all women. Edward Bess the cosmetics brand was born.

The breakthrough Edward Bess cosmetics line started wit a simple collection of minimalist lip colors. With ten lipsticks and five glosses packaged in one chic box, Edward Bess launched his properly titled Lip Wardrobe a decade ago in luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman. The Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe was an immediate hit and sold out upon debut. From that show stopping Edward Bess debut, Edward Bess continued to grow the brand into the company that it is today with a full line of color cosmetics for lips, eyes, face and even skin. Another pivotal moment for Edward Bess came in 2010 when Edward Bess made their way into another iconic department store, Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, and again with the Edward Bess international debut in Colette Paris in 2012.

Edward Bess cosmetics continues to grow while his vision on beauty becomes recognized around the world. Staying true to his core mission, the Edward Bess cosmetics brand continues to offer a simplistic approach to beauty and a passion for revolutionizing the world of beauty, one product, and woman at a time.

Best Selling Edward Bess Products

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick: The Ultra Slick is the best selling Edward Bess lipstick that was designed specifically cater to your individual and unique lips. With each application, the Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick glides on, hugging the curves and shape of your lips, and instantly enhancing your smile. The creamy smooth and long lasting formulation of this Ultra Slick Edward Bess lipstick packs a boost of moisture and hydration to lips, helping them stay fresh and nourished throughout the long wear time the lipstick promises. The result of using the Edward Bess lipstick is visibly smoother and soft to the touch lips every time you use it. The Ultra Slick Edward Bess lipstick is available in 13 soft neutral pinks, nudes, and reds, all designed with the minimal chic woman in mind.

Edward Bess Bess-Lash Mascara: Its cute name isn’t the only thing to smile about when it comes to the Edward Bess mascara. This mascara was specifically created to provide your lashes with unheard of volume and length. The way that the Edward Bess Bess-Lash mascara works is a combination of a high performing formula and a distinctively designed brush. The Edward Bess mascara formula is a weightless cream that helps volumize each and every lash with one stroke. The Edward Bess mascara is also smudge proof so once you achieve the desired volume and length, you don’t have to worry about dreaded raccoon eyes. The intriguing shaped brush is what helps this Edward Bess mascara coat each lash by separating them from the base to the tip. This helps provide the Edward Bess mascara with unmatched definition. There are currently two shades of Edward Bess Bess-Lash mascara available. Deep brown for those who want a more toned down look and, of course, Deep Black for those who want to turn up the drama on lashes.


  1. Michelle cravens

    I went on a shopping day with my son that lives in Los Angeles he had to go to nieman Marcus to pick up a pair of pants they ordered for him
    While waiting I walked into the cosmetics department and walked right into Edward Bess The gal greeted me right a way and I said I never had heard of this line. And than I noticed her skin it was amazing she said the line was all natural I thought oh no, not because I don’t care for the natural ingredients but because they never stay on I have used every foundation out there and there pearl primer and mouse foundation is un believable she did my foundation with the pearl primer and looked into the mirror and saidWOW I looked like I had been air bushed I asked her.

    But does it stay on she said defently So I purchased both. Today I put the makeup on and felt 5 years younger just kept looking into the mirror than I decided to take my horse out for a ride I worked on the lunge line for 30 mins with a warm day than I rode him for an hour and half Guess what it was still on and still looked fantastic. I finally found one I love and trust. It’s pricy but worth every penny and the mouse foundation even came with an awesome personal brush to apply it. Thanks Edward love it

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