Dior Airflash

When you think of the Dior brand you think, trendsetter. Cutting edge, iconic beauty. The stuff magazine covers and fashion week is made of. It only makes sense that this brand, famous for its beauty department that fuses couture with makeup, has created a cutting edge foundation that has everyone intrigued. The Dior Airflash foundation is an innovative spray foundation designed to give you the finish of an airbrush foundation in the palm of your hand.

Dior Airflash Foundation Overview

The Dior Air Flash Foundation is weightless foundation created to give the everyday woman a flawless makeup application that would have some thinking she just stepped off a runway. In a technique that transforms the way women apply makeup, the Dior Airflash foundation combines the lightweight precision of airbrush makeupa technique that generally needs tools, a steady hand, and artist expertiseand put it into a simple easy to use bottle. Essentially the Dior Airflash foundation is a hybrid of daily and runway makeup created for everyone to use.

The secret behind the trendsetting Dior Airflash foundation is a distinct micro-diffusion system. This unique system works to allow the Dior Airflash foundation to be distributed in a fine mist that provides customized coverage for a smooth, soft, and even complexion. Packed with pearl pigments it works to even skin tone, blur skin imperfections and fine lines, leaving you with flawless radiant skin after applying the Dior Air Flash.

Dior Airflash Application 

The Dior Air Flash offers customized coverage that can be built up or sheered out depending on your preference. How the Dior Airflash will look lies in the application technique. Specifically designed to give the soft-focus, airbrush coverage finish, by applying the Dior Airflash foundation straight from the can you will ensure a nice lightweight coverage. It is recommended to hold the Dior Airflash straight out with a bend of 90 degrees at the elbow, reminiscent of an Lshape. With eyes closed, spray a quick layer of the Dior Airflash in a zigzag fashion, similar to the shape of the letter Z. Its always recommended to protect hair and clothing before applying the Dior Airflash to skin as well as shaking the can well for even application. If you prefer a more fuller, targeted coverage, you can use a makeup brush, like a kabuki, to apply your Dior Airflash directly to the brush and apply in circular buffing motions all over the face.

The innovative design of the Dior Airflash foundation leaves room for the product to offer unparalleled versatility. Aside from being a full coverage foundation, the Dior AirFlash foundation is great for easy and mess free touchups throughout the day. Also, with its fine mist application, you can apply the Dior Airflash on other areas of your body you may be looking to smooth like your legs or arms. The Dior Airflash is available in 10 shades starting with the palest shade Ivory and ending with the darkest shade Mocha. While the shade range covers a variety of tones, the Dior Airflash colors stop a little short of including a shade for every skin tone with those on the darker end being left out.

Dior Airflash Foundation Reviews

The Dior Airflash Foundation reviews are all considerably positive which is what was to be expected from this chic brand. Users of the Dior Airflash foundation have found the product to be particularly sensitive to skin due to its water based formula. The fact that the Dior Airflash Foundation is oil free is one of the most celebrated Dior Airflash reviews, with many people claiming it works well for all skin types. The buildable coverage of the Dior Airflash foundation has been declared so lightweight that it literally melts into skin. While another common Dior Airflash review is that it photographs like a dream so this the foundation of choice when it comes to special events and occasions where the photographer will be snapping photos all night. At a hefty price point of $62 a bottle, this is virtually the only thing that causes pause when it comes to the Dior Airflash foundation. Although, those who love it dont seem to be bothered by the price tag a bit.


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