DermaBlend Cover Creme

Have you ever wondered what Dermatologist recommended makeup would look like? You’d think, it had to be something with only the best ingredients, tested on multiple levels, coverage that even the most stubborn skin conditions will submit to, and offering sun protection because that’s where healthy skin begins. That sounds like a lot to expect out of one product. But, Dermablend Cover Creme covers all bases, imperfections, and is the product where dermatology and makeup collide.


The Dermablend Cover Creme is a complete full coverage cream foundation. Also regarded as a full camouflage cream foundation, the Dermablend Cover Creme takes full coverage to another level. Where Dermablend Cover Creme finds it’s intense coverage properties is in the use of Cameo pigment technology. Simply put, this technology uses a high level of pigments in the Dermablend Cover Creme with a highly blendable formula. The result is natural flawless skin after using Dermablend Cover Creme. The Dermablend Cover Creme has been expertly formulated to cover virtually any skin imperfection you can think of. This includes complete coverage of imperfections from various degrees of hyperpigmentation, lupus, a multitude of post operative concerns and vitiligo. This comprehensive list is just the beginning of Dermablend Cover Creme’s powers. You would think with such a highly pigmented full coverage foundation like Dermablend Cover Creme, that you might encounter the dreaded “cake face” that can happen with other full coverage foundations. On the contrary, the Dermablend Cover Creme provides a smooth velvet finish that glides on easily and never appears cakey or mask-like.

As highly effective as the Dermablend Cover Creme is when it comes to coverage, it is equally impressive in it’s formulation. Dermatologist, allergy, and sensitive skin tested, the Dermablend Cover Creme is also non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and fragrance free. It also contains broad spectrum SPF 30 for ample sun protection as well. Basically, anyone with any skin type can use the Dermablend Cover Creme with ease.

Celebrated as being able to achieve 16 hours of wear if paired with a setting powder, the Dermablend Cover Creme is not only long lasting but smudge and transfer resistant. You can rest assured that you’ll go through and entire day and happy hour without the Dermablend Cover Creme moving from your skin. What’s exciting to see is, the expansive 21 color shade range of the Dermablend Cover Creme. There is a shade of Dermablend Cover Creme for the palest skin tones to the darkest. Starting with Pale Ivory and ending with Deep Brown, the Dermablend site also offers a creative shade matching tool that allows you to view each Dermablend Cover Creme shade up close, comparing each to other shades and women of those shades so that you can ensure you get the perfect match. Another creative point on the Dermablend site is it’s detailed recommended 5 step application for the Dermablend Cover Creme. Following these simple steps will help you achieve a flawless Dermablend Cover Creme application every time.


  1. Start with a minimal amount of Dermablend Cover Creme.
  2. Help the Dermablend Cover Creme to become more blendable by heating the product with your fingertips.
  3. Once heated, apply the Dermablend Cover Creme directly over imperfections. This is best done with short tapping motions to achieve maximum coverage.
  4. Allow Dermablend Cover Creme to dry completely before applying next layer of foundation if needed.
  5. Always finish your Dermablend Cover Creme application with a generous amount of setting powder.


With a product that sounds so amazing you have to wonder, what do the Dermablend Cover Creme foundation reviews state about the product? It’s hard to find any product with such unanimously positive feedback but all of the Dermablend Cover Creme foundations reviews are overwhelming great. Users claim the full coverage application of the Dermablend Cover Creme is unmatched. It’s praised for it’s lightweight and effortless application that lasts all day and provides a beautiful finish. With reviews like this, it’s no wonder the Dermablend Cover Creme is Dermablend’s best selling foundation.



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