Crows Feet: Graceful aging, or a beauty blemish?

We’re all human. Unfortunately- as with all living things- comes the blasphemy known as aging. Sure, there are some people that would argue that aging is a beautiful thing. But come on, it’s difficult to accept the aging process and all the beauty quirks that come with it. Crow’s-feet are-and will continue to be- one of those aging beauty quirks. They line our faces and leave evidence that our skin just isn’t as youthful as it once was. So, what can we do in the battle against aging and the wrinkles it brings with it?

What are the causes for crow’s-feet?

The culprit to the pesky wrinkles you ask? It’s pretty simple actually; squinting, smiling, and sleeping. Believe it or not, muscles do break down. Picture a rubber band that is stretched and pulled in one direction for a very long time. Eventually it snaps right? Same with the facial muscles around the eyes. They are constantly pulled and contorted to play a part in our squints and smiles. While sleeping, our facial skin can get caught up in the fabric of our pillows causing it to pull in uneven directions. Eventually, the skin and muscle tissue breaks, leaving a fine wrinkle in its place.

Prevention of Crow’s-Feet?

We can’t exactly stop smiling, because let’s face the facts- scowling also causes some very unattractive wrinkles. And come on- a life without smiles? Not really a life worth living. Squinting? Well, the sun isn’t going anywhere so we are always going to have something to squint at. And sleeping; not all of us find peace laying on our backs the entire night- so that’s out. So, what can we do? For those who are eager to ward of the signs of aging for as long as possible, wrinkle prevention is ideal.

Skincare Treatment:

Proper skincare treatment is the answer to anti-aging techniques.

  • Exfoliation:  This is a great place to begin. When wrinkle prevention is what you seek, you want to use an exfoliation product that contains glycolic acid. Exfoliating allows the dead skin cells to be removed which leads to the formation of new cells. The glycolic acid will settle into place and aid the new cells in the production of collagen. Collagen helps the skin to rejuvenate and plump up causing the appearance of fine wrinkles to fade.
  • Eye Cream for Crow’s-feet:The best product for crow’s-feet is an anti-aging eye cream that contains one of a few key ingredients- all of which are known to prevent and repair the appearance of fine wrinkles. Look for an eye cream that has either retinoids, peptides, or antioxidants. Like glycolic acid, retinoids increase cell turnover and increase the production of collagen. Peptides contain amino acids which also produce collagen. Then antioxidants help to neutralize the free radicals that cause the skin cells to breakdown, thus leading to wrinkles. It’s also smart to utilize a good sunscreen that will help to control eye wrinkles as well.

Sunglasses– The sun has been here for much longer then humans with crow’s-feet, so we have lost the battle on that one. But at least it doesn’t have to torture your eyes completely. Invest in some decent sunglasses and wear them daily.

So unless you can spend your days not smiling, or squinting and not sleeping for that matter- then you may be able to keep crow’s feet wrinkles at bay. But for the remainder of us that are normal; exfoliate, invest in a good anti-aging eye cream and strap on some sunglasses. Prevention is key!

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