Cover Fx Primer

The Cover Fx Primer line consists of four powerful face primers all working to provide you with smooth, even-toned skin for the most flawless makeup application. Whether you have dull skin and are hoping to brighten your complexion, or have mature skin that needs special skincare benefits to perform its best, there’s a Cover Fx Primer that will work for you. Each of the Cover Fx Primers are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and leave out the main culprits of skin irritation including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc.

Types of Cover Fx Primers

Cover Fx Illuminating Primer: The Illuminating Cover Fx Primer is the most popular primer’s of the Cover Fx line. This Cover Fx Primer is designed to illuminate skin giving you a naturally bright base for your foundation application or to be worn alone. The Illuminating Cover Fx primer is formulated with a radiant mineral complex, Gatuline Radiance Illuminate and Refine, which helps the skin appear brighter. This Cover Fx Primer is also formulated with many hydrating ingredients to nourish skin leaving you with softer smoother skin and a more even complexion. The Illuminating Cover Fx Primer is one of the unique Cover Fx primers that works well on all skin types.

The Cover Fx Illuminating Primer review is positive. The majority of users agree that this Cover Fx Primer delivers on its promises of illuminating the skin giving it a natural glow and radiant appearance. Although the brand advises this primer is best suited for those with normal to dry skin, those with oily skin have used it successfully as well.

Calming Primer: The Calming Cover Fx Primer is the primer that was created for those with the most highly sensitive skin. This Cover Fx Primer helps to soothe irritated skin while improving the skin’s appearance and reducing redness. The gentle formulation of the Calming Cover Fx Primer makes it a great primer for those suffering from various skin conditions including Rosacea. Using a distinct blend of skin soothing ingredients like St. John’s Wort, Defensil-Plus, and Tego Pep 4-17, the Calming Cover Fx Primer treats skin while brightening, clarifying, and evening skin complexions. The Calming Cover Fx Primer is vegan and clinically tested with results reporting an impressive 96.6% of users agreeing this Cover Fx Primer is gentle on skin.

The Calming Cover Fx Primer review is another that is unanimously positive. Users of this Cover Fx Primer applaud it for being a multitasking product that works as a primer and also treats the skin. This Cover Fx Primer holds up to its claim of being a gentle enough product to use on the most sensitive skin and those who use this primer swear by it.

Cover Fx Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment: Formerly known as ClearPrep Fx, the Mattifying Cover Fx Primer is a weightless gel primer created to reduce blemishes, pores, and provide a smooth canvas for your foundation. The Mattifying Cover Fx primer has a complex formulation with ingredients like Willowbark, Ancient  African Tree Bark, and a Natural Fruit AHA complex. All of these ingredients work together in a harmonious blend that helps heal and prevent blemishes. The water-resistant formulation of the Mattifying Cover Fx Primer helps to keep fight humidity and perspiration while the unique ingredients help to reduce shine and sebum production. This is the Cover Fx Primer you want to go with to protect and provide skin that is foundation ready and will help your makeup stay in place all day. Because it is designed to give skin a mattifying effect, this Cover Fx Primer will work best for those with normal to oily skin.

The general Mattifying Cover Fx primer review has the primer being an okay option for acne prone skin. As far as smoothing and prepping the skin, the Mattifying Cover Fx primer has great reviews but the general complaint is that it falls a little short when it comes to combatting shine and oiliness throughout the day.

Cover Fx Anti-Aging Primer: The Anti-Aging Cover Fx Primer, formerly known as SkinPrep Fx, is the multitasking product that doubles as a primer and anti-aging skincare. This hydrating serum works to stimulate collagen production—collagen is the protein that holds everything together hence more collagen, better skin—and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Formulated with a unique Multipeptide Complex and All-Q, the Anti-Aging Cover Fx Primer repairs, protects, and moisturizes mature skin.

The Anti-Aging Cover Fx Primer review has it as an okay product that works well enough for anti-aging as it does as a primer. Reviews show that it isn’t overwhelmingly promising in either direction but does provide a solid base for foundation and has some skin benefits that make it worth the purchase.


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