Cover FX CC Cream

First there were BB Creams and then there were CC Creams. The multipurpose, skin care meets makeup products that revolutionized the beauty industry. But the main question is, whats the difference? BB creams are technically considered beauty balms while CC creams are more tailored to color correct. Honestly, the main differences are really within each product and what the brand claims the cream can do. When it comes to the Cover FX CC Cream, it is a multi-tasking cream that color corrects, protects your skin, and treats it well with its skin conditioning benefits. All the marks of a truly effective alphabet cream.

Cover FX CC Cream Overview

So what is it exactly that makes the Cover FX CC Cream so comprehensive? Well, it provides solutions that meet general needs of your skin, with skin improving benefits while providing buildable coverage as well. Its a three in one product that can serve as your skincare or your makeup and performs well in either category. The Cover FX CC Cream works as a traditional CC cream to color correct skin targeting discoloration and hyperpigmentation to provide skin with a more even complexion. It also incorporates a special time release technology to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun with SPF 15. The Cover FX CC Cream also promotes an impressive sheer to medium coverage which is much higher than other traditional CC creams that generally promise a very sheer tinted coverage. This is especially helpful for those with more pronounced dark spots or redness as the Cover FX CC Cream works to diminish those discolorations while covering as well.

The Cover FX CC Cream is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that are similar to retinoids. These particular ingredients work within the Cover FX CC cream to provide skin with a number of anti-aging benefits such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles, firming the skin, and visibly lifting the skin as well. Unlike retinoids which are known to frequently, though not always, cause irritation, the ingredients within the Cover FX CC Cream are not irritating or sensitive to sun. The Cover FX CC Cream also contains licorice root extract and antioxidants to brighten the skin and protect it from free radicals. The Cover FX CC Cream is also formulated without some of the most common irritants like gluten, mineral oil, parabens or talc. It is also oil and fragrance free.

The Cover FX CC Cream is available in an extensive 10 shade color range which is impressive for a CC cream. Remember, most CC creams dont promote coverage as one of the more prominent attributes of the product but that is where the Cover FX CC Cream differs drastically. The Cover FX CC Cream line include a number of shades that take into consideration skin tones and undertones and the site even offers a helpful shade comparison tool to ensure you are choosing the correct option for your complexion. The Cover FX CC Cream has a naturally dewy finish that is best suited for those with combination to oily skin types. Note that while the creamy texture of the Cover FX CC cream creates a smooth and creamy texture it doesnt particularly contain any moisturizing properties so this should not be used as a replacement for moisturizer. For best results, follow up your Cover FX CC Cream application with a setting powder.

Cover FX CC Cream Review

Of the prominent CC creams available on the market, the Cover FX CC Cream is a fan favorite. The unparalleled coverage for a CC cream is one of the most celebrated Cover FX CC cream reviews. The extensive shade range is another common Cover FX CC Cream review that goes hand in hand with the coverage. Along with positive consumer Cover FX CC Creams reviews, the brand conducted a comprehensive study that had favorable results as well. After eight weeks of using the Cover FX CC Cream, 92.9% reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines. Likewise, 82.1% noted skin appeared more radiant, and finally 75% women felt their skin improved overall.


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