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Reading Bye Bye Foundation claims on the company website, it’s easy to think that this cosmetic is a miracle product. The manufacturer makes many claims about it, including how easily it can provide full coverage of blemishes and skin imperfections, and how it can actually heal the skin through a combination of potent moisturizers. Such claims about Bye Bye Foundation are quite stunning, and if true, would make this product a great addition to any skin care routine. However, some skin care experts point to potential flaws with this foundation from IT Cosmetics. Further, some Bye Bye Foundation reviews suggest that perhaps this product wasn’t as effective as the consumer hoped it would be, especially for the price. To better understand how this product works and what it can achieve, let’s take a closer look at Bye Bye Foundation and the manufacturer’s claims.

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About Bye Bye Foundation

Bye Bye Foundation is marketed by a company called IT Cosmetics. The brand was co-founded by Jamie Kern Lima, a former news anchor who suffers from rosacea and hyperpigmentation issues. According to Ms. Lima, one of the biggest challenges she faced as a newswoman was all the time she had to spend doing make-up, to cover all of her skin imperfections before tapings.

Eventually, Ms. Lima decided to partner with skin care experts (like plastic surgeons and dermatologists) to start a skin care brand that could be easily used by other women to look their best. Thus, Bye Bye Foundation was developed, along with other products in the IT Cosmetics line.

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How Bye Bye Foundation Works

The idea behind Bye Bye Foundation is to help the consumer achieve several things with just one product.

Designed for individuals with hyperpigmentation and blemishes, the primary purpose of this foundation is to cover up skin imperfections. According to the manufacturer, Bye Bye Foundation achieves this with special light-reflecting pigments, which can diffuse light in a way that blurs the appearance of skin problems.

In addition to creating coverage, Bye Bye Foundation is also claimed to have a number of ingredients that can boost skin health with regular use. In this way, IT Cosmetics suggests that this foundation is a cosmetic product that also heals the skin.

The other main goal of Bye Bye Foundation is to protect the skin from future damage. As such, the manufacturer formulated this product with SPF 50+ protection, to neutralize harmful UV radiation which causes the development of dark spots on the face, and leads to the degeneration of collagen fibers.

How to Use Bye Bye Foundation

Bye Bye Foundation is a cosmetic product that is meant to be applied in the morning. Before use, it’s a good idea to thoroughly cleanse the face, in order to remove dirt and oil buildup that accumulated overnight.

When the skin has been cleansed, Bye Bye Foundation should be gently applied to the face and under eyes, to cover up skin imperfections and create and even skin tone. A moisturizer can be applied beforehand, for additional moisturization.

Bye Bye Foundation Ingredients

In order to achieve all of the promises made by the manufacturer, Bye Bye Foundation includes quite a few ingredients that can have profoundly different purposes.

For example, this foundation provides UV protection with common sunscreen ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide. To achieve the moisturizing effects, this product includes chemicals like hyaluronic acid, aloe, and caprylyl glycol.

In addition, Bye Bye Foundation also contains ingredients like licorice root, to brighten skin; vitamin E, to repair skin damage; and riboflavin, which may help reduce the appearance of rosacea.

Because Bye Bye Foundation is often sought out by consumers with moderate to severe skin concerns, it’s highly advisable to seek the advice of a dermatologist to discuss the full ingredient list in detail, to avoid potential side effects.

Where to Buy Bye Bye Foundation

Bye Bye Foundation can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, as well as from a number of online retailers. However, because of the relatively high cost of this product (approximately $65 for a little over an ounce), it’s a good idea to read vendor reviews, to ensure that the seller is reputable. Otherwise, there is a chance of being sold an expired or counterfeit product.

Bye Bye Foundation Reviews

The reviews for Bye Bye Foundation are somewhat mixed, which can make it difficult for a consumer to make an educated decision. However, one important point is that many negative reviews for this product seem to stem from questionable practices by sellers.

For example, some negative Bye Bye Foundation reviews suggest that the purchaser was enrolled into an auto-ship program when buying this product without realizing it. It’s understandable how this could cause some frustration among consumers. However, it appears that the company no longer engages in this practice – though it’s still important to read the terms and conditions carefully (including when the purchase is made through affiliate channels).

Bye Bye Foundation Side Effects

Due to the large number of ingredients in Bye Bye Foundation, there is also an increased chance of side effects due to allergies and irritation. For example, some reviewers suggested that this product caused irritation and redness. Therefore, it’s important to first conduct a skin patch test on a small, discreet part of the skin, to see how your skin reacts to Bye Bye Foundation.

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