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When a company claims  that it is the next generation of skincare, you cant help but listen. Thats exactly what BioClarity, an acne treatment system that combines nature and science, promises that it does. So, what makes BioClarity so unique? Well, that all comes down to what the brand calls it secret ingredient. Within each BioClarity product is a proprietary ingredient, Floralux, which contains chlorophyll. This innovative fusion of advanced skincare technology and naturechlorophyll is actually the green pigment that is found in plantshelps the BioClarity products aggressively fight acne and treat the skin. Using the Floralux infused BioClarity system promises to result in calmer, cleaner, and clearer skin.

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The BioClarity Clear Skin System

The way that BioClarity works is with its Clear Skin System. The BioClarity system is a three-step acne treatment solution that is designed to replace your skincare routine. In this skincare routine, BioClarity provides products to clean, treat, and restore the skin in just a few simple steps. The BioClarity system is packed with natural ingredients, is paraben and oil-free, vegan, and works well on all skin types including sensitive. And if thats not enough to convince you, the BioClarity Clear Skin System has been dermatologist tested and recommended. Sounds like a dream system right? Well, lets dig into the products a bit more and see.

BioClarity Cleanser: The first step in the BioClarity system is to cleanse. The BioClarity cleanser is a gentle foam cleanser that works to rid skin of dirt, oil, and other impurities from the day. The BioClarity cleanser contains a healthy dose of ingredients like chamomile which is used in many skincare products for its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea extract which is a great antioxidant to help protect skin from environmental free radicals, and cucumber extract which is rich in vitamins and typically used to soothe irritated skin. For the best results, use this BioClarity cleanser twice a day, first thing in the morning and before you hit the sheets, applying in a circular motion.

BioClarity Treatment: The second step in the BioClarity system is to treat. This is where the BioClarity lines start to show its power with a powerful treatment get that works to reduce acne breakouts and diminish acne-causing bacteria. The BioClarity treatment gel harnesses the power of exfoliation to thoroughly cleanse the pores. Within this BioClarity treatment, youll find a robust dose of 2.0% of popular acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid as well as oat kernel extract which helps to soothe and hydrate the skin.

BioClarity Restore: The final step in the BioClarity system is to restore. Its this part of the BioClarity Clear Skin System where the secret ingredient, Floralux, gets to shine. The BioClarity Restore Gel is an interesting green gelremember, Floralux contains chlorophyllthat applies to the skin like a dream leaving you feeling instantly refreshed. Youll also find licorice root within the BioClarity restore which is known for its antioxidant and skin brightening properties.The restore part of the BioClarity line works to rejuvenate irritated skin and improve the complexion and is considerably the most popular part of the system.

BioClarity Reviews

So this all sounds great, right? Science and nature plus next generation skincare is a win. But the question is, does it work? Well, according to the host of BioClarity reviews, wed have to say, for the most part, it does. The most positive BioClarity reviews of the Clear System note that they have seen a reduction in breakouts, clearer skin, and a decrease in inflammation. For some, these results are significant, while others the results were less noticeable. Its also helpful to note that many of the BioClarity reviews agree that with consistent use over the course a few weeks, the improvements are more noticeable. Its safe to say that if youre looking for an acne system that takes a different approach than many other options on the market, BioClarity might be a good place to start.

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