Mineral makeup has become increasingly popular year after year as people continually trend toward makeup that looks good and is good for you. Every year it seems another brand launches looking to provide women with mineral makeup so that she can look flawless and rest assured she is being kind to her skin. One such company, that has been around for over a decade is BellaPierre. A mineral makeup company that boasts it is the next generation of mineral cosmetics.

The Story Behind BellaPierre Cosmetics

BellaPierre was founded in 2005 by cosmetic expert David Oren. With a background in natural cosmetics dating back to 2000, the BellaPierre founder wanted to create a mineral cosmetics line that fused passion with quality. The ultimate goal for BellaPierre was to become the best mineral makeup provider. BellaPierre employs a unique business philosophy in that it creates and manufacturers all of their cosmetic products. This gives BellaPierre an advantage over larger mineral makeup companies that outsource their manufacturing in that theyre able to react to the market and ensure the purity of their products from start to finish.

The BellaPierre brand works to provide mineral makeup that uses the purest ingredients, naturally enhances the appearance of skin, and works for all skin types and complexions. They achieve this exceptional standard by committing to working with a diverse pigment range, leaving out fillers, and creating BellaPierre products that go on smooth and leave skin looking its best.

BellaPierre Cosmetics Best Sellers

The BellaPierre Cosmetics line is extensive including products from all areas of the cosmetic spectrum. From foundations to eyeshadow, to brow products, to primers, BellaPierre has created quite the extensive line. As with any cosmetic brand, there are of course some BellaPierre products that people cant get enough of.

BellaPierre Mineral Foundation: The BellaPierre Mineral Foundation is the multitasking product that works as a concealer, foundation, finishing powder, setting powder, and even sun protectant. Although the BellaPierre mineral foundation has multiple purposes, it has a simple and gentle formulation. Containing just four ingredients which include mica, zinc oxide, iron oxides, and titanium dioxide, the BellaPierre mineral foundation works well for all skin types. It’s even non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores and also hypoallergenic as well. The BellaPierre mineral foundation is available in 10 diverse shades which cover the palest complexions with the shade Ultra, to the deepest complexions with the shade Double Cocoa.

BellaPierre Shimmer Powders: The BellaPierre Shimmer Powders are unique powders that have a million and one uses. Formulated with nothing but 100% pure mica, these BellaPierre products are bright, vibrant, and extremely customizable. Like the BellaPierre mineral foundation, the Shimmer Powders are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic as well. You can use the BellaPierre shimmer powders as dry or cream eyeshadow. Dampening your brush before application will transform the loose BellaPierre shimmer powder into a creamy textured eyeshadow. The BellaPierre Shimmer Powders can be used as a blush, bronzer, or highlight depending upon the color and the area you apply it. You can even use the BellaPierre Shimmer Powder as a colored mascara, nail polish, or lipstick by adding to a clear version of each.

BellaPierre Mineral Lipstick: Another popular BellaPierre product is the Mineral Lipstick. Available in 14 shades the BellaPierre mineral lipsticks provide the same 100% natural standard of the other BellaPierre Cosmetics by incorporating the use of mineral pigments. Each shade of the BellaPierre mineral lipstick is formulated with natural waxes and antioxidants including Vitamin E and C and has sun protection including by its natural blend of mineral pigments. Staying true the heart of the BellaPierre Cosmetics brand, all the mineral lipsticks have a completely pure formulation meaning you won’t find harsh chemicals like lead, lanolin, parabens. The best selling shades from the BellaPierrre Mineral Lipstick line are Catwalk, a nude pink shade that suits light to medium skin tones and Envy, a dusty rose color that would compliment a variety of skin tones.


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