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Beauty Bioscience is an American-based skin care and cosmetics company that offers its customers anti-aging solutions, cosmetics, and sun care products that are all formulated to blend popular and proven anti-aging ingredients with technological and scientific advancements. Some products included in the company line include anti-aging serums and creams, tinted sunscreen, mascara, eyeliner, and moisturizing cream. Beauty Bioscience products can be purchased at the company website and some products are available at major department store websites as well. At this time, the company’s products are available to U.S. customers only. Beauty Bioscience products may be a viable skin care choice for those who have tried over-the-counter products in the past with few results and who are now looking for an alternative to those they have purchased at drugstores or beauty counters.

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About Beauty Bioscience

Beauty Bioscience was founded several years ago by Dr. Terry James and Jamie O’Banion, a father and daughter team, to create a new skin care company that would employ the technology that Dr. James had developed during his many years working research and development for other skin care companies. His daughter Jamie, who was both a model and worked in marketing, joined her father in developing Beauty Bioscience in order to offer people advanced skin care and anti-aging solutions. Today, the company focuses on creating skin care products that contain high-quality ingredients that deliver results their customers will notice.

The Beauty Bioscience Product Lineup

Many of the company’s products that focus on reducing the signs of aging include retinol, or vitamin A, as their primary ingredient. One such product is Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45, which is a skin care kit that is formulated for use over a six-week period. In the initial phase, the concentration of retinol is low, as although it is good for the skin, retinol can also irritate it. Over the six weeks, Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45 gradually increases the amount of retinol the skin receives, which not only lowers the risk of irritation but also helps the skin slough off dead cells and generates new growth in stages. For clients who do not want to invest in this system, there are also single-step anti-aging products available from Beauty Bioscience, such as contouring cream, cellular renewal cream, and a daily cleanser. Individuals can purchase these products as standalone items, or buy several to build a custom skin care kit based on their skin’s own individual needs. Unfortunately, Beauty Bioscience reviews are not available on the company website, but can be found at other online outlets that carry the company’s products.

Where to Buy Beauty Bioscience Products

The complete line of beauty Bioscience products, including the RetinoSyn-45 kit, is available on the company website. Product prices vary widely, from $25 to over $250 for the six-step kits, which is beneficial for those who want to try the company’s products for the first time to see if they will achieve the type of results they’re looking for. While those who want to save money on Beauty Bioscience products may be able to buy them from unauthorized retailers, they should use caution doing so in order to avoid inferior or counterfeit items. Only credit card orders are accepted on the company website.

Beauty Bioscience Shipping and Returns

Beauty Bioscience orders are processed and shipped Monday through Friday only. Customers can choose standard, priority, or express shipping; however, they must pay an additional fee for rush orders. The company accepts returns on orders up to thirty days, but customers must call the company for a return authorization code. Products purchased from other locations cannot be returned to the company. The price of shipping and handling will not be included in any refund given, and customers are responsible for returning any Beauty Bioscience product in its original packaging.

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  1. Carmen Benitez

    I bought this product from HSN in Oct 2014. My intentions was to use immediately, but unfortunately I had 2 subsequent surgeries which prevented me to start treatment as planned. Last night was supposed to be my 1st treatment. However, after applying Phase 1A and dispensing Phase 1B, the solution fro 1B does not come out. I immediately contacted HSN for help, but the said it past 30 days and can’t help. I can accept the 30 day return policy with other products, but how would you feel if this would happen at the 6 month treatment session where product does not dispense? I am not asking for return of the whole treatment package. Only a replacement of 1st treatment of Phase 1A/1B. Is that too much to ask for a product that is supposed to last for 1 year? Please tell me you will help. I want a chance to try the whole treatment. Thank you.

    • Gail

      When any company a retailer or manufacturer refuses to replace a defective product their is a solution. If the retailer continues to sell the defective product just purchase a new one and then return the defective one for the refund. I had a similar problem with a USB flash drive. I did not open and use the product for 6 months and it was defective. Well I took it back to the store and they refused to replace because past the 30 days. A few days later I went back to the store and they still sold the product and so I bought it and then returned the defective one and received the refund. I finally had a working USB flash drive.

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