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Almost every individual living in the United States (and in over 100 other countries, for that matter) has heard of Avon; one of the world’s oldest skin care companies. In many ways, Avon has become part of our folklore; being mentioned in countless TV shows, and having a place in Tim Burton’s 1990’s classic film, Edward Scissorhands. It’s no wonder that this skin care company is still so popular and well known throughout the country. Having been founded in 1886, it was one of the first avenues for women to earn a living by running a quasi business of their own. At a time when few opportunities existed for women outside of the home, Avon was a revolutionary idea that was able to sustain through economic booms and busts, hitting $10 billion in sales in 2008. Since then, the sales have declined somewhat, in part due to changes in currency exchange rates. It remains to be seen whether Avon will overcome this crisis, as it has done in the past.

Discover the Best Skin Care Products of 2017

Avon Skin Care Products

Although Avon is known as a skin care company, it actually offers a big range of products, including makeup, fragrance, and hair care items, among others. (In fact, when the company was first founded, it primarily sold perfume.) Within these product categories, the company also differentiates the items with specific brands.

For example, within the skin care category, Avon contains several brands, like ANEW and Clearskin. This differentiation helps the company categorize the products into specific lines – a very useful feature for its marketing efforts, which include regular special promotions.

Avon Ingredients

The ingredients in the Avon product lines vary widely, because of the sheer number of products offered by the manufacturer.

Among some of the sub-brands within the Avon lineup are Clearskin and ANEW. There are many products in these sub-brands, including Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion and ANEW Ultimate 7s Cleanser.

The Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion was designed to reduce the appearance of large pores and to control sebum, which is an oil produced by your skin. These goals are vital for anyone looking to get rid of acne and an overall improvement of skin health. Cleaner pores mean less breakouts and less bacterial buildup.

To achieve these goals, Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion relies on ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acids, among others. Both of these acids help clean out the pores (you may have also heard of glycolic acid peels meant to do this), and glycolic acid can go a step further and chemically exfoliate the skin. The cost of this Avon face lotion is $17 for 2 ounces, but is sometimes on sale for as little as $11.99.

ANEW Ultimate 7s Cleanser is a product within the ANEW sub-brand and is meant to be a moisturizing facial cleanser. Unlike acne face cleansers this Avon face wash was not formulated for reducing acne, but rather as an addition to an anti aging skin care regimen.

For example, unlike common face cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, the ingredients in this Avon face wash include glycerin, a well known moisturizer; capric triglyceride, to hydrate the skin; and grape fruit extract, to address skin damage through antioxidants. This facial cleanser retails at $10 for over 4 ounces, and is well within the skin care budget of most consumers.

The Cost of Avon Products

The price of Avon skin care products can vary widely, depending on the specific product and whether a skin care kit is being purchased. However, Avon is typically regarded as one of the cheaper options for consumers, and the company implements a regular marketing schedule where it drops the price on select items considerably.

However, although the company products can be inexpensive (especially when purchased on sale), some consumers may become frustrated when looking for where to buy Avon locally, to replenish their products. This happens because Avon is mostly sold through local representatives, and a customer cannot just walk into a department store to make the purchase. This can lead to delays and an inability to replenish your skin care kit in a timely manner.

Another place for where to buy Avon is the company’s website. This may be a better option for those who would like to continue purchasing independently, without relying on an Avon representative (or those who are afraid of being talked into buying more than they originally wanted – especially with custom discounts).

Avon Reviews

The company provides Avon reviews right on its website, which makes it easy to learn more about consumers’ experiences with the specific item you are considering. However, because of the large scope and product offering, it is vital to carefully assess the review to see what the individual’s skin type was and what skin issue they used the product for. Determining this will help you understand whether the Avon review is truly meaningful (for example, a 50 year old with oily skin will not typically benefit from a review written by a 20 year old with dry skin).

Avon Side Effects

Side effects from Avon products are not believed to be serious or highly prevalent. However, depending on the specific product you select, your skin may experience redness, breakouts or other irritation. Further, some individuals may be allergic to the botanical extracts in some of the products. To avoid serious Avon side effects, conduct a skin patch test before using the product more extensively.

The Best Skin Care Lines

The absolute best skin care line of 2017 is Advanced Dermatology.

Followed by RéVive and La Praire

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  1. Tina

    5 STARS FOR AVON. If you have sagging skin that need firmed, Avon is the best. I’ve used their Anew cleanser followed by the infinite lift and ANEW platinum day and night cream as well as their neck and chest cream and eye and lip cream. You can really see a change in 1 WEEK!! I’m on their auto replenish program so I never run out and I get a nice discount. My rep is awesome! Her name is Brittany and you can shop online but she’s also just a phone call away. Nice gal!

  2. Tracy

    Most of these reviews are so blandly positive that I can only assume they are Avon reps who are trying to optimize the search results.

    • Juno

      I disagree with your statement. I came across Avon in my 20’s, and over the years have stuck with it because it doesn’t make me breakout. I am now in my late 50’s and STILL LOoOVve Avon, especially their ANEW products. Yep, I can still pass for mid 40’s and no plastic surgery! So very lucky to have an Avon lady co-worker over the years of different companies I’ve work for.

      • Cheryl

        Used Avon for years their prices are great and especially their products like Anew, their mascaras, nail polish, lip sticks. Do your homework and buy their best, when on sale buy 2. I love Avon.

  3. Gege Burden

    I have used Avon forever. I love their Anew products as well as the Skin So Soft products. A month or so ago I went to a Mary Kay party that my niece was having. I had no intentions of spending a lot of money there but I had a moment of temporary insanity and ended up buying the complete Timewise Repair set, costing over $200.00. Someone will probably get that for Christmas. Im sticking with my Avon. I love my Avon lady and I love their products…no more Mary Kay products for me.

    • Anonymous

      I started using this product and it really works. I’m 42 and seeing a difference in texture, tone and a frown wrinkle that I contemplated botox. The frown wrinkle has almost disappeared and I definitely will not be injecting my face any time soon. Just thought you should try it unless someone else got the gift for Christmas.

  4. Khloe

    I have been using Avon ANEW skin care for 8 years. I strongly recommend these products. You should consult the brochure as they have so many products in this range. Their products are always updated and very advanced.

  5. Therese

    I am using Avon skin care products now and so far so good. The cleanser removes make up very well. The moisturizing cream is very hydrating. And the eye cream reduces the lines around my eyes. The products are very large and last 3 or 4 months.

  6. Fiona34

    I use Avon skin care every day. I’ve tried a lot of brands and always come back to Avon. I use the Avon Anew cleansers, serums and creams. I also use the mineral make up instead of foundation when I go out. I do not use their sunscreens as I prefer to buy a cheaper one locally. My rep always delivers her products to me quickly and if there is ever a problem it is cleared up quickly as well. I recommend Avon products.

  7. Lordez

    Thanks for sharing your La Praire Review. These creams are very expensive and it is hard to find the ingredients online so it was very helpful. Thank you very much.

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