Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics was created with one purpose in mind. To create a fashionable natural cosmetics line that performed better than most chemical based cosmetics. Founded over a decade ago, Afterglow Cosmetics has continued to do that by creating a comprehensive line of natural, mineral-based cosmetics that look good, feel good, and are genuinely good for you.

The Story Behind Afterglow Cosmetics

Created in 2004, Afterglow Cosmetics was an idea stemmed from the founders life-long experience with skin problems, sensitivities, and issues with traditional cosmetics. After years of battling acne and using chemical based makeup, Afterglow Cosmetics founder Kristin Adams realized something had to change. After her search for truly natural cosmetics came up short, she decided to create the solution to her problem. It was then that Afterglow Cosmetics was born.

Afterglow Cosmetics is a brand that prides itself on using only the highest quality, certified organic ingredients in their products. Partnering with beauty chemists and experts, Afterglow Cosmetics has been able to create high performing mineral cosmetics that leave out all of the most toxic skin ingredients including parabens, dyes, fillers, and other skin irritants. But simply creating top quality natural products isnt where Afterglow Cosmetics stops. Afterglow Cosmetics also pays special attention to focus on the performance of their natural cosmetics by infusing each and every one with skin nourishing ingredients and botanicals. Youll commonly find ingredients like grape seed and pomegranate extract, jojoba oil, and aloe vera in many Afterglow Cosmetics products. And the use of innovative triple milled formulas helps Afterglow Cosmetics provide a luxury feel and a soft even application with every product.

Popular Afterglow Cosmetics Products

Perfecting Under Eye Concealer: The popular Afterglow Cosmetics Perfecting Under Eye Concealer is currently one of the brands hottest items. This super creamy Afterglow Cosmetics concealer works to conceal normal eye imperfections like dark under eye circles and fine lines while reducing inflammation and providing a healthy boost of anti-aging properties. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients and leaving out parabens, nano particles, bismuth oxychloride, gluten, and talc, this Afterglow Cosmetics concealer will solve all of your eye concerns providing you with instantly brighter, more youthful eyes. The secret behind this Afterglow Cosmetics concealer is a natural triple threat formulation that contains mineral titanium dioxide to provide ultimate concealing coverage, a proprietary organic blend of botanicals to reduce puffiness and increase blood circulation, and antioxidant white tea extract to combat the signs of age by preventing fine lines and wrinkles. You can find the Afterglow Cosmetics Perfecting Under Eye concealer available in three shades ranging from Meringue to Praline, best suited for those with pale to deep tan complexions.

Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Infused Foundation: Probably the most well known Afterglow Cosmetics product is the Organic Infused Foundation. This Afterglow Cosmetics loose mineral powder foundation provides a hydrating, lightweight coverage that can be built up or sheered out to your preference. The finely milled Afterglow Cosmetics organic foundation is packed with skin soothing and nourishing botanicals in a formulation that leaves behind a naturally radiant finish. The Afterglow Cosmetics organic foundation applies effortlessly onto skin and blends just as easily without settling into fine lines or creasing throughout the day. Another bonus of the organic Afterglow Cosmetics foundation is that offers a healthy boost of sun protection with SPF 20. The Afterglow Cosmetics organic foundation is available in 17 diverse shades ranging from Pearl to Sable, and covering a wide variety of skin tones and complexions.

Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Infused Love Lipstick: The Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Infused Love Lipstick is the super popular moisturizing lipstick line that fans love. This Afterglow Cosmetics lipstick is available in 11 shades with an impressive variety of matte, shimmer, and sheer options. Packed with the brands signature botanicals and 100% natural formulation, the Afterglow Cosmetics Infused Love Lipsticks are highly pigmented and equally hydrating. Within this Afterglow Cosmetics lipstick line, youll find each one infused with oils that provide nourishment, conditioning, and protection throughout the day.


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