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Women looking to try a new skin care brand, and possibly turn their interest in skin care into a business, may come across a company called Acti-Labs. This brand is based out of the UK and is operated as a multi level marketing company, with the same idea as companies like Avon. However, whether you’re considering Acti-Labs as a brand for personal skin care, or are more interested in the direct sales opportunity, it’s vital to learn about the company’s products and how they work. By carefully reviewing the ingredients and reading Acti-Labs reviews from other consumers, you can make an educated decision whether this brand is the right choice for your skin and if the business opportunity is worth your time. However, if you’re looking at Acti-Labs as a solution to serious skin concerns (like deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or severe hyperpigmentation), a meeting with your dermatologist is indispensable.

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How Acti-Labs Works

When it comes to Acti-Labs products, the brand doesn’t have a specific theme or a cornerstone ingredient. Instead, the company seems to focus on projecting a high class, royal image for its products, while at the same time keeping prices low and affordable.

For those who are interested in the Acti-Labs direct sales opportunity, it’s a good idea to review the company’s terms and conditions in great detail. However, one aspect of the company’s MLM system is worth noting…

Acti-Labs has implemented a newer approach to building direct marketing teams. Traditionally, someone who brings other people into a direct marketing program will be entitled to commissions from their team’s earnings. However, in many cases, each subsequent level of marketers (i.e. when your team members bring in more members) earns the team leader a smaller commission rate.

Acti-Labs has changed this approach and instead provides a higher commission rate for subsequent levels of marketers. For example, as a team member, the first level of marketers below you will provide a 3% commission. The marketers in the next tier (those brought in by the first tier) will provide you with 4% commission, and so on until the 5th tier, which earns the leader a 7% commission.

This commission methodology offered by Acti-Labs is no accident, and the company explains it as an incentive system for the most experienced members to mentor and train the least experienced ones in the tiers far below them.

Acti-Labs Ingredients

To better understand what Acti-Labs products may achieve for the consumer, we need to take a closer look at the ingredients within the product formulations.

  • Mesoderm Cream:  At a price of $25 for two thirds of an ounce, this Acti-Labs cream is moderately priced. The manufacturer claims that this product is infused with antioxidants and nutrients that can repair damage and tighten the skin. Some of the chemicals include shea butter, to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier; niacinamide, to deliver moisture; ginseng, to brighten skin; and kelp extract, to soothe the skin.
  • Eye & Lip Concentrate:  This Acti-Labs product was designed for the sensitive skin on the lips and around the eyes. More specifically, the manufacturer suggests that this cream can improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness. Some of the ingredients in this concentrate include trehalose, to boost the skin’s moisture-retaining ability; glycerin, to hydrate the skin; chamomile flower extract, to calm the skin; and kinetin, to promote the growth of healthy skin. This Acti-Labs concentrate currently retails at $27.50 for half an ounce.
  • Ultraderm:  According to the manufacturer, this Acti-Labs cream was formulated to promote the growth of healthy skin and protect stem cells. The ingredients include capric triglyceride, to moisturize the skin and improve its texture; hydrolyzed collagen, to boost skin elasticity; acetyl hexapeptide-8, to temporarily reduce wrinkles; and niacinamide, for added hydration. The cost of this Acti-Labs cream is $25 for a little over half an ounce of product.

Acti-Labs Side Effects

Some consumers may experience side effects from Acti-Labs products, depending on their skin sensitivity. For example, some items in this line contain fragrance which is a known skin irritator. The presence of botanical extracts may also lead to a reaction in consumers with plant allergies.

Where to Buy Acti-Labs

Acti-Labs products can be purchased either directly through the company’s website, or through one of the company’s direct sales representatives. Some sales representatives may also offer these products through their own websites. Though when purchasing Acti-Labs products from such independent distributors, it’s a good idea to check whether they are indeed authorized by the company, to ensure that your purchase is subject to the manufacturer’s return policies.

Acti-Labs Reviews

Unfortunately, anyone looking for Acti-Labs reviews will have a difficult time finding third party, unbiased feedback from consumers.

One of the reasons for this has to do with the company’s distribution methodology. As the company distributes its products largely through direct sales, the consumers are less likely to visit third party review websites to leave feedback.

This can be quite problematic, especially for individuals with specific skin issues or skin that is very sensitive, as it makes it impossible how others with similar issues have reacted to Acti-Labs ingredients.


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  1. Alexis

    I absolutely love these products. My skin has never been so clear. My skin is radiant, and soft. I was using products that cost twice as much, and thought were working okay until I switched and then saw pics of my skin in comparison. They were night and day. I only tried Acti-labs because a friend had posted a special sale. Although she had been posting about Acti for over a year I never paid attention. I wish I had paid attention sooner, and I would have had beautiful skin over a year ago and would have become a Acti ambassador long ago sharing these amazing products.

  2. Lou

    I tried Acti-Labs in January and loved the products I tried. I have sensitive skin so was leary. But, they have improved my skin. My dry patches are gone and my glow is back. My husband also uses the lotion and it has helped his eczema.
    I tried Acti-Labs – Loved it – so Joined as am Ambassador. I am loving sharing these products with others. I am still trying more every week and nothing has irritated my skin.

  3. Marissa

    They’re awful. They don’t pay attention to details, they don’t give you a full refund, and they don’t communicate. Won’t be purchasing from them in the future. Terrible customer service, and I feel bad for the consultant I purchased from, as they seem to be insensitive to the fact that they’re dragging her name through the dirt.

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