In the world of Korean beauty, you will find some of the most innovative and unique cosmetic companies. Some of the best products to hit the market come directly from these leading brands who aren’t afraid to take risks, follow trends, and effectively meet their niche customer’s needs. 3CE is an up and coming trendy Korean beauty brand, that knows exactly the kind of products fashionable women want, and creates them with a constantly growing line of trendy makeup.

The Story Behind 3CE

3CE is a brand of the popular Korean beauty company, Stylenanda. StyleNanda is a cosmetics company that carries and distributes a number of fashionable brands to the Korean market. After gaining success and honing in on their customer’s needs and wants, Stylenanda began creating their own line of on-trend, fashion forward makeup products in 2007. 3CE, which stands for “3 Concept Eyes”, is the breakthrough makeup line of StyleNanda. The idea behind 3CE is to focus on three specific complimentary colors that work so well together you are able to create numerous natural makeup looks. Throughout the 3CE product line, you will find countless pink, orange, and beige colored items to add to your fashionable makeup collection.

Popular 3CE Products

Amongst the 3CE product lineup, there are a few items that stand out amongst the crowd. The 3CE Drawing Lip Pen is one of them. What makes the 3CE Drawing Lip Pen so special is its creamy texture and unique packaging. Contrary to what it looks like, the 3CE Drawing Lip Pen is not a lip liner. Instead, the 3CE Drawing Lip Pen is a cream based lipstick pencil, available in 12 colors and designed for the ultimate mix and match lipstick creation experience. The cream texture of the 3CE Drawing Lip Pen dries down to a powder finish and allows for customizable and comfortable wear. Each of the 12 3CE Drawing Lip Pen’s is formulated with vibrant pigments that glide smoothly onto lips and last throughout the day. You can opt to buy each 3CE Drawing Lip Pen individually, or get the 3CE Drawing Lip Pen kit, providing you with all 12 colors available to create endless lip color combinations.

Another popular 3CE makeup product is the Pink Rumor Blur Setting Loose Powder. This translucent 3CE blur setting powder is the perfect finish for your foundation application. The 3CE blur setting powder works to smooth the skin, fill in fine lines and pores, and absorb oil throughout the day. This 3CE blur setting powder also works to provide a boost of hydration to the skin as well helping skin appear fresh and rejuvenated through the day. The ultra-fine and lightweight particles of the 3CE blur setting powder helps to lock makeup in place, keeping it naturally flawless, longer.

One of the more innovative 3CE makeup products is the 3CE Creamy Cheek Stick. Available in five varying shades of pink, orange, and beige, the 3CE Creamy Cheek Stick is the convenient blush that adds just the right amount of vibrant color to the skin. Like many of the 3CE products, you can wear each of the 3CE alone or mixed to create a customizable shade. The 3CE Creamy Check sticks are formulated with a cream based texture that dries down to a skin fitting powder finish. The 3CE Creamy Cheek melts into skin and wears for an impressively long time.

As far as eyes are concerned, one of the most popular 3CE eye products is the Under Eye Flash. This unique 3CE Under Eye eyeliner is currently available in two natural beige shades that provide an instantly brighter appearance to eyes. The 3CE Under Eye Flash eyeliner is formulated in an ultra creamy texture, that provides a burst of long-lasting color. Even the most sensitive and watery eyes can use the 3CE Under Eye Flash eyeliner with ease due to its water and smudge proof formulation.


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